Quick Q & A with Khali Min founders

Recently I discovered a British haircare brand called Khali Min that intrigued me with both the origins of its story and duo of products. While I plan to review one of the products, the Clean Cream, in my upcoming June Newness post, I thought I will introduce a creative duo behind the brand to you in the meantime.

Khali Min founders Vanessa and Anda ( image courtesy of Khali Min )

Raised in the warm desert winds of Egypt, Khali Min founders Vanessa & Anda know a thing or two about hair maintenance. Paying tribute to the best, but possibly not widely known Egyptian beauty traditions, the brand focusses on natural ingredients and simple, yet luxurious rituals. By blending premium Egyptian oils with botanicals from around the world Khali Min synergistically delivers haircare that strengthens and revives the hair, while offering you a moment of two of tranquility.

Anda and Vanessa first met as magazine editors in Cairo and when their paths crossed again years later in London, they both had an inkling that there was a story to be shared about Egyptian beauty heritage and the prized oils that Egypt produces. Pairing British technological innovations with sustainability elelements the pair launched Khali Min into the world. Currently consisting of the two products – Clean Cream and Rescue Oil, both are certified vegan & performance-driven addressing hair needs, rather than catering to hair types.

Ownership of both the business process and formulas was central to Anda and Vanessa from the beginning: they examined each ingredient based on provenance and performance, worked with an independent formulator, who is not only passionate about sustainable beauty, but could could also translate their vision and harness ingredients more commonly used in skincare for the benefit of hair. Its worth noting that pandemic more and more haircare brands are being launched, but not only that, retailers are very eager to offer more and more shelf space for haircare products that look after both the scalp and the hair.

Khali Min Clean Cream

Khali Min’s first product, Rescue Oil (which I haven’t yet tried), showcases pure oils that are sourced directly from Egypt, while Clean Cream was born out of the desire to create a naturally scented, silicone-free leave-in conditioner without compromising on performance. The starting point of the formulation was focussed on Aloe, known for centuries as the Plant of Immortality in Egypt. 

Drawing from their personal knowledge of multi-generational family heritage of citrus cultivation in the Nile delta, Anda and Vanessa are dedicated to quality and traceability of ingredients used in Rescue Oil and Clean Cream. Egypt’s limited water resources and arable land are glaring reminders of the urgent need for sustainability across operations, ranging from product development through supply chain management, packaging design and shipping consideration. Khali Min intentionally relies on materials that are reusable, recyclable or compostable and every effort is made to source ingredients from suppliers who share their intention and commitment to doing better by the Planet for the future of humankind.

Marei orchard in Egypt’s Nile delta ( image courtesy of the brand )

Khali Min ingredients intel

Jojoba and Moringa Oils: the brand directly supports an Egyptian supplier, who uses modern irrigation methods to reduce water usage and solar energy to power operations.

Aloe Vera: is sourced from a fairtrade-certified company that purchases from small and medium organic farms in Mexico.

Shea Butter: Khali Min supplier partners with ProForest to maintain a sustainable supply chain that connects directly with women’s collectives. The form of this Shea used won the Best Sustainable Ingredient award in 2014 (The Sustainable Beauty Awards) organised by the UK-based Organic Monitor.

Rapeseed Oil: Closer to home, a prized British oil pressed from Rapeseed grown by farmers in the fields of North Yorkshire is used.

Lime Oil: Ecocert-certified, Khali Min’s is part of a range that was specifically designed to reduce water waste; it is a by-product of food waste, is renewable and easily biodegradable.

Quickfire Q & A with Vanessa and Anda, founders of British-based haircare brand Khali Min

What’s behind your decision to start a haircare brand?

We wanted to make luxurious, natural products that are sustainable and clean. Scent is crucial to us: we only use natural oils to blend light, complex scents that do not outstay their welcome.

Your approach to address hair needs rather than types is interesting. What made you adopt that approach?

Too often haircare is broken down along simplistic lines. In our experience, if you need hydration, or detangling, or shine, that could be for a variety of reasons. You could have straight, curly, wavy or multi-textured hair and still want more hydration. 

We have customers who tell us they love the Clean Cream for detangling their children’s curls, or for reviving hair after colouring, for natural styling, or as a silicone-free weather protectant. We also formulated our Rescue Oil to be universally suitable, it’s quite lightweight and glosses the hair without leaving a trace. We want to encourage people to experiment and figure out what works best in their haircare routine.

What roles do you both play as co-founders?

We used to work in publishing as editors many years ago and we certainly take a structured editorial approach when it comes to running the brand. 

As a startup, we often find ourselves having to take on different roles, but we also balance each other out well. Vanessa is stronger in numbers and Anda in visuals, it’s the perfect left-brain, right-brain combination!

What are your tips for using the Clean Cream?

Our Clean Cream is very versatile, especially in the Summer months when we have more time in the sunshine and are more active outdoors.

We particularly recommend applying a pea-sized amount to freshly washed hair from the mid-lengths to ends to keep it impossibly soft and healthy. 

Psssst: Anda and Vanessa are currently developing their own blend of citrus oils from the fruit harvested from the Marei Orchard, a Nile Valley farm that has been in the family of one of Khali Min’s founders since the 1930s.

Khali Min hair care duo ( image courtesy of the brand )

To find out more about Khali Min or to order the products, please click here (this link is not affiliated, nor sponsored)

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