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There are some women that inspire you even if you haven’t met them in person but only know them via Skype conversations and e-mail exchanges. Rupa Mehta, a tiny fireball of enthusiasm and energy is a NY-based trainer and entrepreneur, who is also a philanthropist with a mission to build confidence of women, as well as children, by teaching them that sports is important for self-esteem, as well as long-term health. A fantastically efficient multitasked, recently Rupa presented her new book to the world, called ‘7 Workouts for 7 Moods’, which aims to help you achieve a body and mind balance. By fusing her own experience as a woman and a fitness trainer, Rupa created a plan that incorporates yoga, pilates, strength training and barre work that together will help you lose extra pounds, as well as lift the emotional weight off your shoulders.


Anger Energy Stress Chill Happiness Doubt Anxiety

Rupa has been a fitness instructor for over fifteen years, so she knows from experience that ‘good physical fitness can never exist without good emotional fitness’. The method that she created, called The Nalini Method, will show you how to identify and allow you to manage not only your physical weight but your emotional weight as well, or as Rupa herself calls it ‘ a combination of mental and physical push-ups’. She says that ‘understanding how to overcome a destructive and self-sabotaging mood by transforming your feelings is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. The better your mood is, the better your body feels; the better your body feels, the better your mood is. It is a cyclical and symbiotic process and by developing a reliable and internally balanced emotional and physical core foundation, you will always be able make yourself feel better physically.


Our body reflects how our mind feels but ‘this book is not about feeling happy, giddy, and on top of the world 24-hours a day, seven days a week – that would be impossible!’ What Rupa aims and wants to teach you, through this book, is to how to recognise and appreciate your mind and body connection, with workouts that specifically address your mood in the moment in time’.

‘You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself’ Galileo

Part One of the book comprises tow chapters. Chapter One the focus is on the body and mind connection, which will form the understanding and foundation upon which Rupa has built her method. Chapter Two will give you the lowdown on the workouts and the best ways you can exercise in order to achieve maximum results. In Part Two you have subsections dedicated to each of the seven workouts, so you can be your best psychologist and personal trainer in the privacy of your own home, if you do enjoy working out at home. The clever bit here is that the emotional component of your mood is tied up with the best physical actions to suit it, so if you are feeling sunny, you will feel even more positive, while if you feel tired or cross, the workout will put you on the upward loop of the roller coaster that is called life. Finally, in Part Three, you will find some helpful & healthy dish ideas, as well as juice recipes rooted in the ancient practise of Ayurvedic medicine.


Sometimes your true intention is not to zen out in yoga but to have space to experience your mood without feeling pressured to be positive

 Each workout chapter gives you a list/order of exercises, as well as a pre-workout emotional questionnaire, a list of most common thoughts, associated with this or that emotions, a mantra to practise, as well as the advice on how to use it. Rupa also makes music suggestions in order to support your mood, but of course you can go along with your own soundtracks or favourite radio station playing in the background. There is always an option to workout in silence or alongside a bird song outside or rain drops hitting the roof – anything that helps you push yourself and enjoy your workout to the fullest is a great tool in your fitness arsenal.

IMG_1335When it comes to exercises, you have images to give you an idea on the posture, plus Rupa’s additional and detailed tips on focus, breathing technique, the way an exercise should be performed, modifications, transition and number of repetitions. Each chapter finishes with a small questionnaire to help you access whether you mood has changed and workout intention has been accomplished.


When it comes to eating, Rupa is not an advocate of dieting, as she loves food and believes that our bodies need variety. She tends to listen to her body and decided what it craves or needs and is drawn to simple, practical changes that make immediate difference to her emotional and physical state.


Sometimes it takes one suggestion to open the door to your healthy mood-food journey

According to Ayurvedic science, we are composed of five basic elements: Fire, Air, Earth, Water & Space.The predominance of these elements falls into three categories, or doshas – Vatta, Pitta and Kapha. You can be one of the three or a mix of the two. The food philosophy behind Ayurveda is based on the composition and qualities of foods that best nourish your doshas and helps you be and feel balanced. Also, by knowing your doshas and six tastes of food ( sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter & astringent ) you can focus on specifics that you need to increase or decrease throughout the day in order to have a positive effect on your disposition.


By consulting and working together with an accredited Ayrvedic expert Dr. Aparna Bapat and chef Roxy Naba, the trio created several lists in the book for your to draw inspiration from and address your personal daily nutritional needs. Personally I really enjoy Royal tea, Ginger Giant & Purple H2O recipes but Bitter Bits has become a bit of a favourite when I grave comfort. It is not a diet plan – instead you get to focus on your physical 7 emotional traits, notes on how your dosha affects your moods , Go-to foods, as well as snack suggestions. So by looking at yourself and thinking about your traits, you get to build an exercise and food plan unique to YOU.


While I enjoy occasional gym workouts at FORM studio and Psycle, I really enjoy working out at home as well and this book is a good guide for days when you want something truly personal. It was interesting to get specific insights into moods and see the change in my posture, as well as the mood, after doing Nalini Method Mood Workouts, knowing that Rupa was my invisible guide but I was the one making an effort to think and address what my head and body needs on a specific day, depending on what challenges the day brings. Ultimately being well and fit is not a one day wonder and there is no miracle product or person that will do it for you. It takes time and effort and this book is a useful tool to have in your arsenal, on the road to being the fittest you want to be.

Rupa’s book can be purchased on Amazon, click the link for it here

For more information on Rupa & the Nalini Method, please click here

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