Review of Evolve body polish and body cream

Organic products don’t always get the best reviews and some people associate them with something hippy. As I tend to pick and chose products that I use based on several factors, the more I explore, the more open minded I become-after all, being pleasantly surprised is always nice.

I have reviewed S5 skincare in the past and Laura Rudoe, the company’s founder, is the woman who constantly strives to learn new things and integrate them into products that she creates. One of her businesses is called Good Venture Ltd and it produces a range of organic body and skincare called Evolve, which tick many requirements-on ingredients, packaging, design and ethos.

The weather outside plays a big part in how our skin feels, looks and behaves, so testing Evolve Heavenly Body Polish and Skin Cocoon Body Cream has played to my advantage in that respect-greatful about body products but not about the freezing, winter like weather.

As we age, our skin cell turnover slows down, leading to skin looking duller. While I am not a fan of exfoliating the skin ( be it on the face or the body ) daily, I certainly use body scrub twice or three times a week-however it needs to be both effective and not too harsh. Heavenly smooth body polish contains coconut shell that gently, yet effectively buffs away dry, old skin, while organic coconut oil and shea butter nurture and moisturise the skin.


Laura puts it very precisely when she says ‘our lives are hectic and frequently stressed; taking time out to refresh body and mind is so important to achieve a renewed sense of balance and harmony. All Evolve products contain high quality natural ingredients and fragrance sources from nature’s finest plants and superfoods.’

When it comes to Evolve heavenly smooth body polish the beads of coconut shell are ultra-smooth, yet grainy enough to be effective, without stripping the skin. You can use it on either dry skin or wet skin and it turns into a slightly creamy lather when it comes in contact with water. The scrub has liquid caramel undertones and sweet fruit smell and even if you don’t moisturise afterwards, the skin feels silky soft.

Evolve Skin Cocoon Cream contains Sacha Inchi seed oil that is know for its high concentration of Omega 3, 6 and 9, as well as vitamins A & E and natural peptides that are effective antioxidants and help to restore skin’s elasticity, as well as its hydration levels. And a well-hydrated skin has a natural glow to it, which always looks very fetching, whatever the time of the year. The cream has the texture of body milk and initially I wasn’t sure of its smell, as it seemed overwhelmingly sweet to me, yet after ten or fifteen minutes you end up thinking ‘wow, I smell of caramel’ and end up falling asleep in a very content mood.


Both the scrub and the cream come in 200 mls bottles and will last you a long time, yet the price point is on a par with many products that you can buy at Boots or Superdrug but Evolve body products not only nurture your skin, they are safe and effective, without harsh or harmful chemicals or hidden agenda, which always gets my vote, after all, my bathroom is my beauty haven and I want to use products that are as effective, as they are safe for my skin and well-being long-term.

The scrub has an open/close button and the cream comes with a pump, which dispences the right amount of product. The pump works effectively with no clogging, which is always a practical bonus.

Those two products are proof that organic body care can have nice, practical packaging, which you can recycle when you finish the product and they are as effective, as they are reasonably priced.

Evolve was launched in 2009, before a more upscale skincare range from the team, called S5 skincare was launched last year. Evolve aims to create organic, UK manufactured products that are accessible to customers. The products are 99% natural and the only synthetics that are used in them are the ones that make the products last and that have a proven safety record. There are no parabens, no SLS/SLES, no phthalates, no synthetic fragrances or colours. The products, as well as packaging, are produced in the UK, in order to minimise the carbon footprint and the ingredients are biogradable, as well as ECOCERT certified.

By using and very much enjoying Evolve body products, I also think that I make my little contribution to the future and the impact that each one of us has on the state of the world that we live in and that our children will end up inheriting. Beauty and consiousness can very happily coahibit together-they certainly do in Evolve bottles in my bathroom!

Evolve Heavenly Smooth Body Polish, 200 mls, £12.99

Evolve Skin Cocoon Body Cream, 200 mls, £14.99

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