Review of NuBo post-summer skin recovery treatment

After the heat of the summer you skin certainly looks great, mostly because a natural tan suits pretty much most of us, however the sun and the sea, plus travelling, affect your skin more than you can see, after all ‘active’ sunbathing is one of the biggest causes of ageing. So when I was invited to try NuBo post-summer recovery treatment (perfectly apt title for it, as I would later find out), I frantically re-arranged my diary.


I have heard about the brand’s new facialist Jana but only now got to meet her in person at Fenwicks on Bond street, where NuBo offers their regular facial events. Jana worked at spas in Browns Hotel, Metropolitan and Savoy, so you her track record already sets the bar high. In person she is softly spoken and very pretty, but at the same time there is reserve and calm in her manner that puts you at ease, as she leads you to the treatment room at the back of Fenwicks beauty hall.

The treatment I was about to have lasts 60 minutes and was developed to give you back your healthy glow and treat the side-effects of sun exposure (hyper-pigmentation, sun spots, dryness). A combination of facial massage (helping to detox your whole body) and skin-care, plus the therapist’s soothing hands were about to melt me into oblivion and sculpt my face.

Jana asked me questions about my skin-care routine, let me get comfortable on the cosy massage bed with the heated blanket and proceeded to give me the treatment, synced with the soothing sounds of Enya and classical music on the sound speaker. Jana stretched and gently rocked my body in order to re-align it and gently balance it – within minutes I felt like letting go of the busy day and just savouring the moment. Your make-up gets removed, while the neck, jaw line and decollete are massaged and then Jana examines your skin, in order to choose the right products for your skin-every NuBo treatment is personalised from that point for you and in some ways no two treatments are the same.

A warm compress on the face opens up your pores (the product absorption is much more effective), as your body and mind continue to calm down and then NuBo’s Vitamin C cleanser (I very much enjoy using it in the summer as it keeps my skin clean and bright) is added and Jana proceeds with the facial massage, done with the help of small brushes that increase the blood flow to the face and encourage the illumination of impurities. As the cleanse is a double one, you feel like your face is truly getting cleansed and massaged and somehow the sensation is very comforting and luxurious at the same time.

Your cleanser then gets removed by two cloths and followed by another mini skin diagnosis-when you skin is cleansed, it gives an experienced therapist further clues as to how best to proceed with your facial treatment and that is equally a sign of the brand and therapist taking their clients needs seriously, trying to find the perfect match within the range just for you. My skin was scrubbed with the Cell Dynamic Bio-Electric scrub (I have written about it in the past and it still remains one of my ‘firm’ favourites, because its grains are just right – not too small, not to harsh and they shift dead skin cells without aggravating you skin. As a separate note, it’s a great scrub for the male in your life, as it helps to buff their skin and prevent in-grown hair between shaves) and the particles removed by small cloths, leaving no trace of the grains on the skin, which is followed by the hot compress infused with essential oils before the always ‘unwelcome’ but much needed extraction part, which is then ‘soothed’ by the toner mist. At that stage of the treatment my skin was already feeling as pampered as I was, but the princess was about to feel like a queen with the use of NuBo’s Oxygen Boost serum, which delivers oxygen directly to skin cells, speeding up cellular turnover and boosting energy levels, which wane as we age (in addition to being exposed to increasing pollution levels when living in a busy city). It also helps to detox the skin quicker and helps the skin to repair and renew itself, while plumping it and relaxing the facial muscles. You can’t see the effect it has on the skin when you are lying down, while having a facial, but try it on your hand at NuBo’s refurbished counter when you come out of the treatment room and you will see what I mean. You skin buzzes happily like a busy bee over a blooming flower, while it feels plump and cool to the touch.


A mask gets applied to your face and then your receive a relaxing arm massage, while holding two warm stones in the palms of your hands. At that stage I truly struggled to keep myself awake but luckily for me, someone moved outside the door and slammed another door, which while not breaking off the magic sensation, roused me from the embrace of morpheus and then Jana stretched my arms which put me in a more energised yet still relaxed state. The mask gets removed and facial toning mist sprayed over your face, rehydrating it and increasing ingredients absorbance and efficiency. What follows this stage of the facial, yours truly experienced for the first time and I must admit, it’s a treat that you don’t expect. Imagine plastic balls, filled with water, slightly bigger that ping pong ones, attached to handles like maracas. Well, they are warmed up and then your face, neck and decollete are massaged with them , bringing with them warmth, relaxation and perfect contouring to inner muscles  and further relaxing you and your senses. The massage amplifies your bone structure, wakes up the muscles, as Yana’s fingers move like soothing waves over the contours of your face, neck, shoulders and decollete. If that wasn’t enough, Jana then applied an Ice-Glow mask to my face that feels like an ice queen slowly blowing over your face with her frosted breath (it is a perfect pre-party treat that wakes up your face and gives you beautiful and natural glow that looks like you just came back from a holiday). While the mask works its magic, your scalp gets a massage and then the mask gets removed, just as its cooling effect starts to disappear. A toner gets sprayed, serum and bio-gold dynamic essence (this serum, formulated with 24-karat gold particles accelerates skin’s renewal process and helps to remodel the contours of your face, while repairing wrinkles. The formula replicate’s our skin’s natural enzymes by transforming toxins within the skin into water and oxygen and renewing the cellular energy currents)goes on your revitalised, baby soft skin, followed by the eye serum, SPF 25 moisturizer and a hint of colour created by Voile, as well as the plumping lip perfection treatment with SPF 15. The treatment concludes with a gentle body stretch and you realise that an hour just flew by. The biggest surprise comes when you see your face in the mirror, as you see a refreshed, revitalised and genuinely more pretty version of yourself.


Jana poured me some water and concluded with some useful tips, saying that I have good muscle tone (must be the Facial Fitness exercises and good genes) but should treat my skin to regular masks. No excuses, find the time. She advised me to do mine as I am sitting in front of the computer, writing for example. She also tells me to drink lots of water due to the nature of the treatment and luckily, I duly follow this advice, as I definitely feel thirsty in the afternoon and more tired, in a very sedate way, by the end of the evening.

Next NuBo Facial event is at Fenwicks Bond Street, week starting October 7th, so call Daniella to book your appointment ( tel. 0207 629 9161) to experience NuBo’s skincare magic. I have it on good authority that the next facial on the menu will have something revolutionary to delight you and your neck/decollete with, right in the centre of hectic city pace.

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