Rika4RikabagRika2Swedish stylist Ulrika Lundgren started her label Rika not so long ago, but it seems to be gaining loyal fans pretty quickly.

Over the weekend I popped into the Shop at Bluebird where Rika has a pop-up store. It is full of pictures and the clothes and bags are pretty cute. There are soft t-shirts with slogans, butter soft leather jackets, cool leather skirts (with two zippers instead of pockets but it’s a detail that sticks to mind), softly draped tie-dyed dresses, colourful leopard-print jackets and of course, bags of various shapes and sizes, which carry Ulrika’s trademark- the stars.

The clutches are very girly and the satchels and holdalls are tougher looking but very cute when hanging off your arm. There are small details, like the stitching or studs that combine the cool factor with the modernity, so they will probably become even better as you carry them around.


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