Rioting in the UK

When one returns from a summer holiday one naturally feels a little sad, realising the vacation is over and life will return to routine and hard work, but to come back to news of riots and in London is another story. Initially I wasn’t too concerned, after all in the last few years news of riots are sadly becoming quite common around the world but yesterday I was glued to TV and other media outlets trying to fathom what is really going on in this green and peaceful country.

A friend of mine flew to London yesterday and we were supposed to meet for dinner in Chelsea but until the last minute i thought I will have to cancel as our nanny lives in Enfield and as she is quite young, i was obviously concerned for her safety in the first place. When she arrived I questioned her and was told that people were told to stay inside, put their cars in the garages and be vigilant.

As I drove to Central London I looked at people’s faces which were sad or concerned yet I had to concentrate on my driving as some drivers were driving erratically and there was a ful blown row between a car driver and a cyclists near one junction. So much for a happy summer and recharging one’s batteries…

 When I returned home and got a text from our nanny confirming that she got safely home, being driven by her boyfriend, bless his brave, manly heart,  my attention turned to news channels and the breaking news of violence spreading to more parts of London. I was getting angry, looking at those out of control youngsters, burning places down, looting and being violent towards police officers, supposedly in the name of a young guy who most of them never even met. Police was appealing to parents to call their children and find out where they were, yet no police was present at the scenes where their presence was needed and the PM was just flying in from his holiday-when news of riots broke, no-one gave a second though to come back from their holidays early? Boris Johnson, Nick Clegg, David Cameron, Ed Miliband etc. all out of the country at the same time-don’t get me wrong, everyone deserves a holiday and god knows how much tenser the lives of those men are, due to the nature of their jobs and the responsibilities that come with it, but still……

Last night I said to my husnad that the violence will continue spreading and that the army needs to be called in. The police needed to stop being soft and become present on the streets-where are they when they are actually needed and they need to be given the authority to shoot on site those people who were completely out of control.

Everyone has a right to stand for what they believe in in a peaceful mannner but to cause grief and harm and steal and loot in the process in the name of being angry at police is pathetic and should be punishable in a very serious manner. The government needs to be prepared for eventualities like that as every time something happens, be it a riot or snow falling and roads freezing, the reaction is slow.

Life is hard for many people and balance needs to be achieved but we don’t live in a idyllic society and things often get worse before they get better. My heart goes out to people who got harmed or got inadversely caught in this senseless and brutal violence, to people who lost their homes, possessions and businesses and to people who took a stand and tired to protect the nation-the police officers on the front line and firemen. British people are proud and resilient and i hope kindness and consideration will prevail over senseless evil.

And can somebody teach those morons that violence is going to be punishable and acting in such a way will never be tolerated, especially not at the time when the financial markets are in turmoil and so is out world. We can’t survive being violent towards each other because if we will be, the world is doomed. If you choose to live in this country, be happy and proud that you are safe, you have food on your table, clothes on your back, medical health-care and opportunities and if that is not enough for you, you should just pack and leave. Personally I can’t even imagine what can happen in life, for a person to go out and behave in such a way and by the way, only cowards cover their faces with black masks or cloths during such atrocious behaviour!

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