Rouge Bunny Rouge-the magical quest of make-up

Make-up is handy tool allowing women to express themselves and their mood on a daily basis. Provided you have a good canvas (never underestimate the importance of suitable skincare routine !) make-up will allow you to change personalities like a piece of jewellery completing an outfit. There are already many interesting make-up brands that are pioneering in their approach, like Ellis Faas, Kjaer Weiss, Vapour, Becca, Ilia and RMS Beauty but I never before came across a whimsical brand like Rouge Bunny Rouge which combines a poetic vision with smart formulas and great colours. To make things more intriguing, it wasn’t originally launched in the West (namely Europe or US), instead it was presented in Russia in 2006 and is expanding with great success.


As the brand’s founder and creative director Alexandra De Montfort describes it in her own words ‘At Rouge Bunny Rouge we believe everyday is worthy of a soupcon of whimsy. As if the book of the Enchanted Garden lies open in your hands, we tell its enduring tales through powders that whisper over skin, unguents that caress and cajole and mesmeric vapours that seduce the senses. With indulgent textures tied with wistful tones, each fragment is created to enhance natural beauty, allowing you to become the protagonist in your own mysterious tale’. Rouge Bunny Rouge is a luxurious cosmetic brand that embraces romance and whimsy alongside modern technologies and effective ingredients. In many ways, what makes the brand particularly unique in our day and age is that it exalts the lost art of story-telling through grace and fluidity of wordsmith’s voice and botanical black and white illustrations.


The premise of Rouge Bunny Rouge (it comprises skincare, make-up, including the brushes and recently launched fragrances) from the beginning was and very much is the notion that ‘skin should radiate beauty-that is the starting point of every piece, whether it is a complexion product or colour’. From the packaging that is very distinct and beautiful to the textures that feel nice when you apply them to your face and where they continue to caress you face. ‘Rouge Bunny Rouge will whisper an unheard sense of romanticism and seduction into the ear of our customers, bringing a more vibrant, magical way of living into being’. There are many beauty brands and new lines keep on making an appearance, but not many brands that speak not only to your field of vision but to your heart and soul as well. To realise that you, as a customer, are viewed as smart and well-read is an enormous pleasure that instantly elevates you and your sense of yourself, allowing you to be braver and more creative when it comes to your make-up choices and daring to push the envelope and experiment.

When I was growing up in Moscow I had the pleasure from early age to be read to and to view the most wonderful book illustrations that allowed me to dream and fly away with the help of my imagination and Rouge Bunny Rouge reminds me of that magic with its Princess Rouge, who rules the enchanted garden filled with flora, fauna and various creatures of uncertain etymology and the mysterious and knowing Bunny.

Rouge Bunny Rouge already has an extensive selection of products on offer and I will go into more detail here only about the ones that I have actually tried-the rest of them, I am sure, are worthy of your attention as well though!

In terms of skincare you have ‘Deliquesce’ Make-Up Melt Cleanser and ‘Captured Mist of Serenity’ Gentle Cleansing Water. If you are a fan of primers like I am (I don’t use one daily but wouldn’t go without one when making my face up for a special day or night out in order to make my make-up stay put and long-lasting. You have a choice of Aqua Primer ‘Prelude in the Clouds’ and a mattifying one called ‘Metamorphoses’. It has a lovely milky texture that feels like a moisturizer on your skin and sinks in quickly and almost without a trace. It adds a matte feel to the skin and subtle radiance to almost instantly, creating a perfect base for make-up by removing extra shine and evening out the skin tone. It’s light smell is quite neutral which is always nice. To be honest, I have tried wearing it a few times on its own, without applying foundation or BB cream on top and liked how it made my face look, with just some bronzer, blusher and some lip balm on top-it really is great for oily skin or combination skin, as one tends to get some shine around the nose in particular.


Ingredients: Aqua, Silica, Nylone-12, Octyldodecanol, Limnanthes Alba Seed Oil, Glyceryl Stearate, Peg-100 Stearate Cetyl Alcohol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Cera Alba, Allantoin, Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Triethanolamine, Carbomer, Methylparaben, Tetrasodium Edta, Ethylparaben, Butylparaben, Propylparaben, Isobutylparaben.

There is also ‘Seraphic Veil’ Anti-Ageing moisturizer if you want to use the products from the same line and not be worried that a product from one brand might react with another one. To start building up your make-up look there is ‘Sketches on Water’ Tinted moisturizer in three shades with added SPF 15 and UVB protection, five shades of ‘Milk Aquarelle’ Liquid Foundation, as well as four shades of ‘Skin Sanctuary’ Time-Defying Foundation-a wide variety to choose from depending on your skin’s needs and seasonal preferences.

When it comes to lip care you can be tempted by the Lip Potion ‘Devlish Nectar’ which holds promise of ‘full lips flushed with colour’, Lip Balm ‘Kiss Elixir’ to sooth and nourish dry or chapped lips, Shimmering Balm ‘Dazzling Sip’ and if you fancy non-invasive lip plumper then give XXX Lip Plump Swell Bliss a try, as it promises to enhance collagen production-I tried it in a subtle shimmering pink shade called ‘Heather Royal Jelly’. It comes with a handy, small brush that makes for easy and precise application. I like it’s subtle smell of champagne and summer berries and a slight, very pleasant tingling sensation on my lips post-application, which makes me want to lick my lips almost immediately. The packaging is light and you can see the colour through the clear tube but it feels more substantial in the hand compared to many lip plumpers on the market in a well thought out, practical way. If you prefer more ‘substantial’ coverage there is ‘Succulence of Dew’ Sheer Lipstick in five shades or ten shades of ‘Hues of Enchantment’ Colour Burst Lipstick which can be easily and creatively layered with seven shades of ‘Sweet Excess’ Glossy Gloss or twelve shades of ‘Gleaming Temptation Lip Gloss. And if you need a lip pencils, there are six shades to choose from.


When looking through Rouge Bunny Rouge product book ( it makes for a riveting and dreamy past-time ) I caught myself thinking that the pictures of the shades of the lipsticks, which looked like flower petals, jolting my early childhood memory of a Russian cartoon called ‘Last Flower Petal’ about the little girl who got her wishes come true by tearing each of her magic flower petals and letting it fly away in the wind-the story and the lesson taught by that cartoon is kind and wise, so if you get lucky you might catch it during one of your visits to Mari Vanna in London where they have special cartoon and movies screenings.

From lips to Blushers, where you have a choice of four shades in ‘Cheeks in Bloom’ and six shades in ‘For Love of Roses’. If you need Bronzers and Highlighters then you will be spoilt for choice with two shades of ‘Goddess Loves Lights’ Highlighting powder, two shades of Bronzing Glow Powder aptly titled ‘As If It Were Summer Still’ and one shade of the same product but in liquid form. If you need any more choice, than why don’t you direct your gaze on the ‘Seas of Illumination’ highlighting liquid that comes in three glorious shades? ‘Sea of Clouds’ is a silvery one that is perfect to use under the brow arches for example. It adds beautiful, a little powdery in its feel, highlights to the areas which you want to look ‘ice cool’. It also looks quite striking as an eye shadow when you have a nice suntan. If you want some warming gold on your skin, then try ‘Sea of Showers’ and it will accentuate perfectly your nose, cheek bones and temples or use it on your collar bones as well or to enhance your decollette area if wearing a low cut top or evening gown. Again, I like using it as eye-shadow as it is so striking in the effect that it creates-you only need a little at a time. If you, on the other hand, prefer subtle effect in your make-up, then try the pinkish ‘Sea of Tranquility’.


As the say, eyes are the mirror of the soul, so if eye-shadow is your beautiful ‘weapon’ of choice, then again, you will be spoilt for choice. You can have your pick of 18 shades of ‘When Birds Are Singing’ Long-Lasting Eye-Shadow. I got to try No.015, Abyssinian Catbird. The eye-shadow comes in a lacquered little compact with a mirror in its lid. The powder is feather light yet it stays put and I almost felt reluctant to start using it when I opened it and saw the beautiful RBR initials. You can also try ‘When Birds Are Singing’ long-lasting matt eye-shadow in four shades. If that isn’t enough, you can choose duo eye-shadows so you don’t have to wreck your brain for good eye-shadow colour combinations when doing your make-up in a hurry.

From eye-shadow to other important products for the eyes-this is really an eye paradise for those of us that like to accentuate our eyes. You have ‘Feline Gaze’ eye kohl in four shades and ‘Feline Gaze’ Long-Lasting Eye Pencil in three shades, as well as ‘Eyes Wide Open’ brightening liner duo. For mascara lovers there are four different ones to chose from: two shades of ‘Amplitute’ Big Lash Mascara, two shades of ‘Endless Miracles’ Swift Length Mascara, two shades of ‘Witchery’ Modelling Mascara or ‘Megaplumes Dramatic Lash Mascara. I have been trying the latter one in a very unusual shade for me ( No.075 ) ‘Oxblood Panash’ which is a burgundy one. It has a generously bushy brush and gives lashes a little curl, while also boosting lash volume without clogging or weighting them down. I think I would prefer to use it in the autumn, to give my eyes some subtle drama, as this shade seems to accentuate my brown eyes and make the whites of the eyes slightly whiter as well. The only thing that I found slightly off-putting was it’s quite ‘chemically’ smell.


If you are after some eyeliners, then you can choose form ‘Raven Glaze’ laquer eyeliner or four shades of ‘Devotion Ink’ Quart Eyeliner. It looks like an elongated ink pot ( something reminiscent of the past brought successfully in to the current day and age ) and when you twist it open you have a little firm brush that allows for a very even application ( I feel like a calligrapher when I apply it to my upper lash line ), even when you are a novice when it comes to liquid eyeliner. You have minute particles of artificial quartz imbue which gives the product beautiful shine and its brush glides easily leaving behind a beautifully golden black line which a little bit of sparkle. I particularly enjoy using it in the evening, as it adds a certain mystery to the gaze but I felt equally at home while wearing it during the day in the summer. It really is a versatile one for any season and I look forward to integrating it into my autumn make-up looks after using it with gusto in the heat of the summer. Another added bonus of the above eye products are that they are light and the packaging is well adapted to be on your bathroom shelf, your make-up or travel bag or your travel pack without the premonition that you might arrive to your destination and find explosion of colour in you perfectly packed bag.


Considering that the brand was only launched in 2006 the range and variety of products is incredibly comprehensive and not only creative but practical as well. You can play with colours and textures, creating different looks to suit your mood or occasion while also enjoying the sophistication of names of the products and the ethos of the brand.

And to complete your ‘look’ for day or night, you now have four Rouge Bunny Rouge fragrances to choose from:


Incantation (with notes of blackcurrant, fig leaves, green tea, rose, coriander, cardamom, cedarwood and vetiver. It has a fresh, yet heady scent, fusing the blooming rose with earthy forest notes) .

Chatoyant (fusing bergamot, lemon, jasmine, rose, Lily of the valley, sandalwood and cedarwood, as well as vanilla. It feels strange and familiar at the same time).

Lilt (top notes of green leaf accord and fig leaf, heart notes of peach, coco and violet and base of vetiver and musk. It is carnal and innocent in equal measure thus making this scent truly enigmatic).

Vespers ( with the bergamot, cinnamon bark, violet leaves and black pepper at the top fused with the heart of green apple, muguet, rose and violet and base notes of cedarwood and sandalwood, musk and vanilla, this is a warmly mellow perfume that is subtly lasting).

From my first impression of opening the parcel from Rouge Bunny Rouge and feeling incredibly curious about its poetically beautifully products and packaging to the joy that I now feel with the knowledge that there are lots of brands but this one is unlike any other, distinct, smart and incredibly enticing. It makes you open your mouth and exhale a wondrous wow when examining the packaging or reading aloud the names of the products. A brand with a soul and a mystical heart and a journey of discovery for you.

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