Royal Brompton hospital High Court Judicial review court verdict

Today started with gloomy skies and rain, but an e-mail from a friend who works in PICU (paediatric intensive care) in Royal Brompton Hospital has put a very wide and sunny smile on my face for the rest of the day.

Significantly, RBH has won their High Court Judicial review on the closure of the hospital’s children’s heart unit. You can read the full information on the hospital’s site, the link to which you will find at the bottom of this post, but while the issue hasn’t been put to rest as yet, I choose to remain hopeful and want to extend my gratitude to all of my friends, Glenda Jackson M.P, supporters and the people who read my post and chose to add their support to this worthy cause.

Your support, letters and e-mails have been invaluable and give me renewed hope that kindness, love, dedication and hard work prevail in our world and there is justice for this very just cause. Royal Brompton is a hospital and no one wants or chooses to be sick, but it is a place which gives hope, support, incredible care and has an amazing team of surgeons, nurses and a huge network of support teams that save kid’s lives on a daily basis.

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