Royal Brompton Hospital: the future in doubt or the saga continues

Last Thursday I was peacefully browsing the Evening Standard when a little article caught my attention. It talked of Royal Brompton Hospital and the fact that it seems to be losing its fight to continue saving children with heart problems and all the side-effects and issues that arise as a consequence.

There has been a long review that addresses the notion that children’s cardiac surgery is spread too thinly across the health service and that it needed to be more streamlined and targeted. In theory Brompton’s heart surgeries will now be transferred to either GOSH or Evelina Children’s Hospital starting from 2014.

Having a long established relationship with Royal Brompton and knowing the type of work that they do and the level of services and care that they provide to their patients ( from newborns to teenagers ) and their families, I cannot fathom why would a decision like that will be taken.

Prime Minister Cameron had a child who had serious health issues, so it puzzles and upsets me greatly that a father and a man who has been through immense struggle and pain, wouldn’t interfere in the issue, which ultimately will have a very negative impact on health services, medical staff moral but most of all, the children with heart & lung problems-when one is blessed with good health, it’s hard to imagine that there are lots of people who struggle for every breath or every step that they take.

Royal Brompton is a world renowned hospital that often takes extremely complicated cases that other hospitals wouldn’t ‘touch’, it does pioneering research into cardiac and respiratory diseases and issues, it has a very knowledgeable team of surgeons, intensivists, specialist nurses, yet to my mind the resolution and overall decision must be not only controversial but full of lobbyists who not only don’t play fair, but have ulterior motives for their actions. How can you possibly close one of the best cardiac and respiratory paediatric intensive care units? Shouldn’t you start cleaning up the mess from the bottom, with the under-performing hospitals or the ones who have high mortality rates and inferior care? How can you ignore the views of not only many people in the medical profession, who either worked or continue to do so at the Royal Brompton Hospital. How can there be such blatant disregards for the views of many grateful past and present patience, who depend on the doctors and nurses and other health professionals on the team at either PICU or the Rose Ward, where patience continue their recovery and rehabilitation post surgery?

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  1. if you would like to help with the campaign to stop this happening. FB page is Save the Royal Brompton childrens cardiac Services. Or you can contact Trudy Nichels C/O Royal Brompton hospital, Sydney St, London SW3 6NP
    Thank you for your interest

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