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The subject of skincare would never loose it’s allure because women will always care about how they look-even the most carefully selected outfit wouldn’t do you justice, unless your skin glows with health & vitality.

Last year, Tine, my Danish uber-facialist friend ( who works with many well-known skincare brands & is a treasure trove of useful tips & advice ) told me about Rudolph Care, an organic face & body range that is very popular in her native Denmark ( I wonder if Princess Mary of Denmark uses it, as she always looks so beautiful ) and now it’s being stocked up at select Whole Foods Market stores in London, even though as far as I can judge for now it still remains a beauty insider’s secret .) I have been testing the range for a few months & have to say that each one is special & unique, due to the care that the brand’s creator Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph has put into developing this range ( further down this post you will find my Q & As with her, telling you in her own words why she decided to create this range).


Rudolph Care is a line of exclusive beauty products born out of Andrea Elisabeth’s scary discovery, relating to how many harmful substances actually hide in the products that we use on our skin, many of which are proven or suspected to be endocrine disruptors.


Currently there are ten products in the Rudoplh Care range:

Acai anti-ageing facial moisturiser ( my absolute favorite night time antioxidant facial treat, irrespective of the time of the year. It had a rich, creamy texture, but sinks into your skin almost immediately, improving your moisture levels, strengthening the skin and evening out skin tone ).


Acai anti-stress facial cream ( it is non-greasy & very effective if you have temperamental skin or skin prone to occasional breakouts, possibly due to hormonal imbalances to which women unfortunately are more likely to have than than men. It contains anti-inflammatory & antiseptic ingredients, so can really help to improve the condition of your skin ).


Acai eye cream ( it strengthens the elasticity and adds vitality to the eye area which can look tired due to lifestyle. It is free from perfume and targets fine line reduction and helps to increase micro circulation ).


Acai anti-ageing facial oil ( one of the range’s best-sellers because of its potency & a lovely smell that lifts the senses at the same time-personally I prefer to use oils on my skin when it gets cold outside and heating thermostat gets turned up. It is rich in vitamins, antioxidants & essential fatty acids ).


Acai make-up remover ( it has a light texture & makes your skin feel very soft to the touch post use. It can be also used to remove eye make-up, so you don’t have to buy two products ).

Acai skin tonic ( very gentle, yet it does help to cleanse the skin in addition to your cleanser. It is quite refreshing & helps to diminish impurities if your skin is prone to them in certain areas ).

Acai lip balm ( don’t let the name mislead you-you can actually use it also on your hands or any area that feels dry. It also helps to heal dry & cracked skin and which one of us hasn’t experienced that in colder months of the year…)


Acai body balm ( very effective if you have dry or mature skin or during the skiing season and it also adds a very subtle glow to your skin post application )


-Acai body lotion ( perfect if you prefer your body products to have a lighter texture. It smells very inviting & sinks in pretty fast, so you can dress up pretty much as soon as you apply it-ok, give it a couple of minutes while you enjoy the sensation and the benefits of antioxidant-rich Acai berries .)


Acai body oil ( it’s a great alternative for the time when you feel that your skin needs an intensive moisture boost, particularly after sun exposure or doing winter sports or at high altitudes, as it is gentle & delicate. I find that oils work much better & produce much quicker results than body moisturisers or even body balms-of course, it is a very individual choice )


One of the things that really makes Rudolph Care products stand out from other ranges, even organic one, is that their products certification ( Nordic Ecolabel, as well as French ECOCERT ) is very stringent-more so than many American or even European counterparts. ECOCERT actually demands for each brand to declare officially the percentage of organic ingredients-in the case of Rudolph Care they are actually certified by ECOCERT’s organic product, which must have at least 10% of organic ingredients & at least 95% of natural substances.

When I use this range I not only see the results in the mirror or when I touch my skin, but I also know that I am not overloading my body with harmful substances to which each one of us is exposed daily-after all, sometimes it takes baby steps to achieve a major change and to me, Rudolph Care embodies just that.

Q & As with Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph, founder of Rudolph Care beauty Products


Can you tell me a little about yourself and how you ended up creating your own skin/body care range?

AER: I’m a former TV and radio-host in Denmark and in the spring of 2006 Greenpeace invited me to participate in their large campaign on hazardous chemicals in our blood – together with seven other famous Danes. Although one of the youngest of the eight test subjects, I was the one who had the most chemicals in my blood.

I was deeply shocked and frightened by the amount of chemicals accumulated in my body. The results of Greenpeace’s test was an eye-opener, especially when I discovered that many of the harmful chemicals in my body came from beauty products – from all the exquisite, expensive creams, oils, soaps and toners with which I had pampered myself for years. Or rather, thought I had pampered myself with. The reality was that I actually had done the opposite. To be told that it is actually healthier to eat my products than to expose my skin to them because of the harmful chemicals surprised me even more. 

The results made me begin to look far and wide for new beauty products. I could not and still cannot accept not knowing where the chemicals are originated, so that I can avoid them. Not only when it comes to beauty products, but also in general. The test results made me incredibly angry and I felt deceived as a consumer.

I felt that there should be a stop to harmful chemicals in the name of beauty. But, on the other hand, I wasn’t going to do without my daily luxuries, fine fragrances and the beautiful packaging that completes the experience. I didn’t think it was an unreasonable demand, but no matter where I looked, there were no products that lived up to my desire for high-quality, exclusive and non-toxic luxury. Because of that, I chose to take matters into my own hands.

The result is Rudolph Care, which is a series of exclusive beauty products, embodying pure luxury enhanced by active ingredients that nurture and care for your skin.

And my essential requirement to the products was that they should be certifiable with both the Nordic Ecolabel and French ECOCERT  – giving a guarantee to the consumers that Rudolph Care is an exclusive, as well as a sustainable series, where all products are made with respect for both humans and the environment.

How did your interest in beauty and cosmetics arise? Are you a beauty product addict or are you very selective about what you use on your skin? Do you prefer cosmoceutical or organic  products?

AER: I have always loved to pamper myself with beauty products, which gives me a luxury feeling. Now I´m very selective about what I use on your skin. Of course I use all my own products because I still love the luxury feeling, but I also want to be free from ingredients harmful to my child, our future, and me. When I buy other beauty products I prefer certified products such as the Nordic Ecolabel. It gives me a big sense of security.

Were you inspired by any existing beauty brand/brands while creating Rudolph Care?

AER: Rudolph Care came to life as a result of my very personal experience, realization and a long search after skincare that lived up to my desire for high-quality, exclusive and non-toxic luxury. I didn’t think it was an unreasonable demand but no products that lived up to my expectations. So I decided to create what I couldn’t find on the market – the result is Rudolph Care.

When & how the idea of Rudolph Care came to life? How did you choose the name for your brand?

AER: The idea of Rudolph Care came to life in 2006 after participating in the Greenpeace campaign. The development started in 2006 and the series where launched in 2009.

I choose my last name “Rudolph” because it is based on my own true story and at the same time it is an international name. “Care” because we care for your body, our children, the environment and our future.

Can you please tell me a little about Greenpeace chemical footprint campaign and why did you choose to check your body for harmful substances, while being pregnant?

AER: Greenpeace empathizes with their footprint campaign that consumers and the environment are not protected sufficiently against harmful chemicals and awareness of the consequences of harmful chemicals together with the transparency of many products is limited. I believe in taking responsibility and making a difference. Which was also the reason for my interest in Greenpeace’s campaign in the first place.

Who was your first stockist in Denmark and in which countries are you stocked up now?

Our fist stockist in Denmark was Magasin – an exclusive department store located in Copenhagen, Lyngby,  Århus & Odense. Now we have around 100 stores in Denmark. Furthermore we are stocked in Norway, Belgium, Spain and Whole Foods in UK.

What makes Rudolph Care products different from any other organic brand on the market?

AER: One of the main differences is the scent of Rudolph Care. At Rudolph Care, we have chosen to use natural perfumes. All the ingredients used to produce our natural perfumes are organic or of organic origin. We have chosen a natural perfume, which is completely devoid of the 26 allergenic perfumes the EU recommend avoiding.

What are the main ingredients in Rudolph care and why did you choose them?

AER: The key ingredient in Rudolph Care products is Acai. I discovered the berry in 2006 when I was travelling in Brazil. I have chosen to use Acai as the key ingredients in all the products because it is a superfruit and has some exceptional qualities. Acai berries are uniquely rich in vitamins, minerals and the essential fatty acids Omega 3-6-9. But their singularity is an exceptionally high concentration of antioxidants. Acai has twice as many antioxidants as blueberries and up to 30 times more than red wine. Acai berries have been shown to help protect the skin against signs of ageing and it also softens, strengthens and firms the skin.

What are your favourite Rudolph Care products and why?

AER: Award winning Acai Anti-ageing Facial Oil is pure, intense luxury for my skin especially in the cold months, when the skin needs a little extra care. It nurtures the skin and helps strengthen its elasticity, leaving my skin velvety soft with a beautiful glow.

4 thoughts on “Rudolph Care-organic beauty line from Denmark

  1. This is such an inspiring story, I haven’t noticed Rudolph in Wholefoods but will def give it a go next time I’m there.
    Denmark is setting the standards for natural skincare and the regulation of the skincare industry and has already banned 4 toxic chemicals “Minister Ida Auken has announced the ban will be introduced this autumn in regards to DEHP, DBP, DIBP and BBP phthalates, despite the European’s Comission’s decision to look into the area and phase out the chemicals by spring 2013.” Cosmetic Design, Aug 29th 2012.
    Good news and I hope the rest of the world will follow suit soon. Thanks for the interesting article.

    1. Am very pleased that you liked the article and do hope that you will try the range-let me know what you think when you do 🙂 And thank you for your very insightful comment!

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