s5 organic cosmeceuticals Resilience Mask review

While I am meticulous about my morning and evening skincare routine, I use face masks from time to time ( even though most facialists have always told me that you need to use them at least once a week, as it will address your skin’s needs and make your skincare routine more effective ), as putting one on and walking around, while my other half is close by, isn’t something that I would voluntarily do-as far as I am concerned a woman should always retain an air of mystery, weather she is 18 or 75. But a recent launch from s5 organic cosmeceuticals skincare ( the Resilience Mask ) is something that is definitely changing my mind in terms of the use of masks on a regular basis and here is why.

s5 organic comeceuticals skincare is the brand that I have already written about in the past, so I do keep an eye on their latest developments and was lucky to receive a sachet of their new Resilience Mask earlier this month. My first impression was mixed, as I was given the wrong instructions about the amount of water I needed to add to the powder in order to create a mask and the experiment, while not at all unpleasant, made me have some doubts. Speedily updated instructions and two mask applications later ( within a course of a week ) have definitely changed my mind about using masks on a regular basis.

s5 Resilience mask is the cooling peel off mask that takes your skin from being reactive to becoming resilient to daily aggressors. Not complacent, but effective in a very innovative way-sort of an evolution of skincare, taking your usual perceptions on another level.

You take a powder sachet, tip it into a soup bowl ( it looks like cornflower, light and very fine), add 90 mls of warm water, mix it well, to form an even paste consistency with a spoon and then apply liberally with your fingers or face brush to your face. The mask itself feels quite gloopy in texture, but is easy to apply to your face and it certainly doesn’t drip off your face ( my personal tip is to apply it it in stages, standing over the bathroom sink as you build its composition up over your face ). I would also advice wearing a hairband, making sure your hair is out of the way and also making sure to omit the eye and eyebrow area, as well as your mouth. S5 team also recommend that you apply this mask after cleansing your face and putting on your S5 prescription serum, which will help to increase the penetration of serum bio-active ingredients, thus further enhancing the effect of the mask on your skin from the outside.


Once you apply the mask, you need to keep it on for 15 minutes. My first sensation was a little sci-fi, as the mask starts to feel pleasantly cooling on your skin. As time goes by you notice that it dries up, like an eggwhite on your face.


You might feel a little bit of tightness but not an uncomfortable way and then, 15 minutes later you start gently to lift it off your face with your fingers and it peels off, revealing soft, even skin that feels plump to the touch. If you have any little blemishes on your skin they will look less noticeable, so all you will need to do after it, is wash off some little residue and apply your usual moisturiser, before going to bed. Your skin looks healthier, clearer, calmer and more balanced straight away and that’s before you go to sleep, when the process of regeneration really does take place!


What are the main ingredients of this mask? The mask contains Marine Algae, ‘including mineral rich seaweed and plant protein mucilage to absorb heavy metal ions and protect against the damaging effects of daily pollutants which stress and aggravate the skin’, Marine Diatomaceous Earth, ‘the fossilised remains of hard-shelled algae that are rich in trace minerals and high in silica to remove impurities from the skin’ and Organic Rice that is ‘rich in antioxidant ferulic acid that neutralises harmful effects of free radicals and allantoin that acts as anti-inflammatory, that soothes the skin and promotes its repair’.

This mask, like the fast majority of skincare products that I use on myself on  aregular basis have one thing in common-it stands out for the quality of ingredients, for the pioneering approach of the brand founders and for the effect that you achieve in the privacy of your own bathroom ( and you can still retain your air of mystery if you have a good book or magazine to keep you company-education and beauty combined ! ).  

s5 organic cosmeceuticals Resilience Mask one 30g sachet for £12 or 3 x 30 g ones for £36, available online www.s5skincare.com

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