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When Denise Leicester launched Ilapothecary into the world a few years ago, her main intention was to offer her customers and a wider community natural products with a purpose, each created with the synergy of naturopathy, homeopathy, herbology and photo-actives. Still hand-blended in the UK despite the pandemic and Brexit, each product is infused with potent remedial ingredients that will help to counteract the stresses of modern life, environmental and digital pollution, hormonal imbalances and overall feeling of stress and fatigue. The latest addition to Ilapothecary family, Save-Face Serum, is a wonderfully indulgent remedy No.70 (signifies sensitivity, inner wisdom and it’s all about finding solutions) the skin that is accompanied by the powerfully protective malachite stone.

Ilapothecary Save-Face Serum

Save-Face is a potent, detoxifying, age-proofing and hydrating facial serum that encompasses such actives as Malachite gemstone, Ginseng Stem CellsHyaluronic Acid and Moringa. I am sure I am not alone in feeling that it’s not just our heads and bodies that took on the brunt of the pandemic, but our faces as well. In addition to stress and worry, we all were in emotional turmoil and spending less time outside, but more in front of our screens of the various kind. As the virus is hopefully subsiding its grip on our lives, we tentatively emerge into the sunshine and observe that our complexions are certainly not what we want them to be – grey, tired and lacklustre, if it wasn’t for the make-up. The pleasure of this serum is not only in its enlivening scent, but in its efficacy, helping the skin regenera, re-hydrate, become less puffy (regular facial massage with your own fingers or favourite facial massage tool can only enhance the effect of your chosen skincare routine) and less inflamed.

Malachite in its magical glory

 I incorporated Save-Face Serum into my morning skincare routine, but because of its scent that clearly appealed to my scenes, there were evenings when I applied it too. It’s meant to be applied after cleansing & before your moisturiser, but you can use it on its own, if your skin doesn’t need extra moisture. In fact I now consider it to be a daily ‘skin remedy’, especially on days when the skin is under stress or under the weather, as it is quickly absorbed and helps to perk up the complexion, somehow both healing and cooling the skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

balancing the skin with plants and adaptogens

Ginseng Stem Cells: an adaptogen herb known to rejuvenate the skin and improve the epidermis. In fact, several studies show how this potent age-proofing ingredient can help to improve the appearance of wrinkles. It also protects the skin from free-radicals, balances the hormones and helps to relieve stress, while boosting vitality and energy in both mind and body. From a holistic perspective, Ginseng brings strength and clarity. 
Malachite is a protective stone known for its cooling, cleansing, and anti-inflammatory properties that help to detoxify congested skin. From a holistic perspective, Malachite helps to activate the chakras, enhance willpower and aid imagination, intuition, and creativity flow.
Hyaluronic Acid is a water-holding molecule that assists our skin with moisture retention, while revitalising its outer surface layers, making them appear firmer and plumper.
Vitamin-rich Moringa is a healing plant full of antioxidants and important nutrients that help protect the skin from free radical & skin tissue damage, as well as the negative impact of harmful ultraviolet rays. It is particularly high in vitamin A and C, which are fundamental for healthy and nourished skin. From a holistic perspective, Moringa is known for its deep healing properties.

What makes this particular serum quite fascinating is the fact that it is infused, like many other of the Ilapothecary products, with powerful remedial ingredients. Denise and her team include incredibly potent and effective synergy of ingredients into each formulation – from healing plants, such as Borage and Thyme, to remedial flowers like Rose Geranium, anti-inflammatories such as Arnica and Calendula, powerful gemstones like Amethyst and Granite, live stem cells such as Ginseng and Tuberose, vitamins, aromatherapy oils, and even pearls. On top of that you can also find truly precious homeopathic filaments such as Aconite and Gelsemium in skin or body Ilapothecary products. Each product is a remedial formulation that is created to support a modern individual (irrespective of age) from urban stressors and helps to rebalance, strengthen, nourish and uplift. Depending on how “in tune” you are with alternative treatments or modalities, you will feel the vibrancy of this face serum or any other product from the brand that draws your attention. I firmly believe that if you are drawn to a specific Ilapothecary product, then it is something you body actually needs in the moment in time.

Safe Face is your saving grace

Last, but not least, something that happened along the way of my testing this serum – it arrived alongside a beautifully smooth piece of the malachite that I kept on my desk. Malachite is a stone with which I have affinity from childhood, when my mother or grandmothers wore some malachite jewellery, which I found mysteriously striking. At some stage, as I was typing this review, I placed the malachite – don’t ask me why, I just did – underneath one of the straps of my sports bra, like a wise elder sitting on top of my shoulder and grounding me. I have forgotten it was there and it fell to the ground when I came into the shower and started undressing – a few bits broke off, but it didn’t shutter. Instead the side that was smooth gave way to roughness, allowing me to almost peak inside the stone. So now it lies on my desk, “perfectly imperfect” and reminds me to focus and not forget the little things that bring comfort into sometimes quite uncomfortable life. This serum and the stone even more special than my words describe them here.

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