Seasonal kitchen treats

NigellaMiss DahlScandinavian cookbookBill's basicsWhen it becomes colder and darker outside I tend to start yearning for some homemade, wholesome food but as my mum lives in another country and as yet I don’t have a personal chef, I turn to people whose recipes and ideas I trust.

Trina Hahnemann’s book ‘The Scandinavian Cookbook’came into my kitchen last year and I love the fact that she chooses seasonal produce and each section is dedicated to a certain  month of the year. October favourites for me are her potato soup with bacon and chives and Swedish cheese tart with ham.

Another cookery book that delights me is Sophie Dahl’s ‘Miss Dahl’s voluptuous delights’ which gives you ideas for seasonally prepared breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Try her buckwheat risotto with wild mushrooms-very Russian in terms of its ingredients. 

Nigella Lawson never seems to stop surprising me and I find her programmes, like I am sure many men and women, deliciously moreish. Her latest book, ‘Kitchen: recipes from the heart of the home’ already delighted me with risotto bolognese and her slow roast pork belly is the best pork recipe I have ever executed-the look of delight on my boys faces was priceless and the taste was just beyond amazing-I felt I can finally cook pork and do its flavour justice, as often it just ends up being so bland.

Finally, my favourite gentelman chef Bill Granger, who is rumoured to be opening a restaurant in London some time soon-please, can it be soon???? His latest book ‘Bill’s basics’ gives you lots of ideas which will delight your family,friends and you .)  Try baked orecchiette with sausage and cavolo nero or chicken parmigiana followed by pavlova with brown sugar and strawberries.

I promise you will enjoy the cooking process and the joy it will bring to the people you have around the dining table.

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