Seasonal Therapy sessions with Michelle Roques-O’Neil

Therapists and beauty practitioners can be divided into two categories-those who think they have reached their peak and just stop trying to get better  and those who constantly learn and evolve-an aromatherapist Michelle Roque-O’Neil belongs to the latter category.

I have met Michelle around five years ago, when she was practising from Beauty Works West in Notting Hill and from the first treatment I felt peacefully comfortable with her. She does observe you and tells you things you might ponder, sometimes telling you things that you were nervous to question yourself and sometimes intuitively guiding you towards the right direction thus surprising you at every treatment.

As a therapist Michelle is close to miraculous, however you have to be prepared to work with her. She uses a mixture of aromatherapy and many other techniques, whether she works on your body, face or head and I look forward to every session with her like a curious child before Christmas time.

From this autumn Michelle is introducing seasonal therapy sessions, the outline of which you can see below, as describedMRON by Michelle herself: 

”Would you like to become more balanced; more energy savvy, understand how to manage and balance your energies better? Every season has it’s own focus and sometimes, a few challenges both physically and energetically. Do you feel you are able to maintain health, balance and clarity throughout the year? Or does your external life determine your vitality, focus and energy flow?

Is over-extension an all too familiar feature of daily life? Being pulled off course affects all your energy centers. The trick is to understand how your energy gets dispersed and how to bring it back to center. These sessions have been created specifically for busy individuals, who wish to find greater harmony and understanding of how to maintain balance in their daily lives; a willingness to work in partnership with me is required as part of a unique empowerment program.

Sessions: Each session is two hours long with the emphasis on engaging and educating individuals to become more pro-active in their own wellness on all levels.

How Often: There are four seasonal sessions, each held at the beginning of the season; each session consists of speaking therapy, to review current physical, emotional and spiritual status and to isolate sticking points and energy blocks.

Mission: To identify potential life and energy inhibitors current or persistent patterns that create illness, stress, unhappiness and a general lack of continuity, direction and flow.

Content: Working with techniques like spiritual life coaching, SRT (spiritual response therapy, clearing of current energy imprints) and numerology;

Chi Kung exercises and meditations will be given to learn and practice, which will help to release stagnant energy in our systems;

Therapie Energy Bodywork to balance and heal, sometimes with guided visualization. After each session you will receive a unique personal essence formula to use throughout this period alongside your personal Roques O’Neil Therapie product regimen.

Focus: to create a focused intention for the period ahead, including physical and emotional strategies for inner growth and prolonging stability and equilibrium.

Summary: After each session you will receive a full summary review, containing an action plan, seasonal food and supplement suggestions’ and insights for reflection.

Home play palette includes: insight journaling techniques, meditation, breath work,  affirmations, Chi Kung exercises and aromatherapy regimen.

Tools: Meditation CD, Chi Kung meditation & movement DVD available soon from website

Seasonal Sessions: £225 + Vat =£270    Seasonal Block: £1000 +Vat = £1200

Includes:  4 x 25 mins Skype phone support @ a pre-arranged slot, plus 10 % discount on all Therapie products for the year.

Bookings: Roques O’Neil  W:020 8969 1221 

Address: Kingyo therapy suites,                                          

37 Spring Street, London W2 1JA

Kingyo Reception: +44 (0) 20 7706 1997

Having had the pleasure to experience Michelle’s autumn session, I have to say that I was surprised by the depth of the ‘talking’ session-and when I say that bear in mind the fact that Michelle and I have known each other for a while .) My first impression post session was a profound sense of peace that descended on me.

 The body/face treatment was slightly shorter than normally, but that was because I had a lot of staff that I wanted to address. Autumn is the time to look back at the year you’ve had and analyse the good and the bad events that took place. Michelle also talks you through which body organs are more vulnerable during this time of the year and gives you exercises that you need to do a few times a day (three times in my case !) but not only does my exercise make me feel calmer, it also focuses and centres me, I almost feel like I can see things more clearly, both from the physical side of things and mental ones too.

As I am a work in progress, I don’t expect miracles but so far, a couple of weeks after the treatment, having received my personal notes and products ( an oil essence to use on the body and a tincture to take orally) I feel a bit more grounded and somewhat inspired by the path that I am on by choice.

 I have had days when I feel tired (it’s pretty much the first sentence every woman seems to be saying to each other lately) but I also feel renewed happiness, even when looking at mundane things and seem to have become even more pro-active in general- so far a very interesting process indeed.

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