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Seaweed bathing is a centuries-old tradition in Ireland and its only indigenous therapy. While I have always enjoyed observing the floating seaweed or playing with it on the seashores during my travels, I don’t think I had experienced actual seaweed bathing until now. When northwest based Irish seaweed brand VOYA offered me to try their ‘Lazy Days” Detoxing Seaweed Bath in the privacy of my own bath sanctuary, I was only to eager to explore the benefits.

VOYA Seaweed guardians (image courtesy of VOYA)

County Sligo in Ireland is famous for its seaweed, but you don’t have to travel to the beautifully wild coast yourself to experience the benefits of seaweed bathing. Thanks to the mighty and hard-working VOYA team, which dehydrates the freshly harvested seaweed and packages it beautifully in the mossy dark signature VOYA boxes, which are then sent out to customers and spas located around the world. The team of experienced harvesters work even in the coldest conditions, harvesting seaweed from the reef all year round, with their insider knowledge (for example, no nutrients are lost during the seaweed de-hydration process) the result of generations passing the secrets and tips on.

VOYA products always arrive in the packaging that is both reusable and recyclable

Irleand’s northwest shoreline is one of the cleanest and least polluted around the world. Known as “The Wild Atlantic way” its a landscape full of soaring cliffs, greenery, towns, villages and secret beaches and bays. All of VOYA’s seaweed is grown organically and hand-harvested, ensuring that only the best seaweed is collected and used. Why is seaweed good for the skin, might you ask? Well, over 80% of seaweed consists of minerals, vitamins and bioactive compounds. Seaweed softens, soothes and nourishes the skin, while also helping to re-mineralise the body.

VOYA seaweed is hand-harvested all year round

Mark & Kira Walton, VOYA founders, went out of the way and commissioned an extensive scientific programme that focussed on testing the potential beneficial properties of seaweed. With the help and assistance of Shannon Biotechnology Research Institute, the brand proudly spotlights that seaweed can increase one’s skin ability not only to fight the negative impact of free radical damage, but protect from it as well by slowing down the process of premature ageing & decreasing skin sensitivity. VOYA Lazy Days Detoxifying Seaweed Bath is also Soil Association certified ( as is the whole VOYA product range), with every ingredient sustainably sourced, natural fragrances from plants and flowers used, as well as the inclusion of bio-degradable ingredients. As I mentioned earlier, the packaging of VOYA products delivered to customers is stylish, yet primarily focussed on minimalism, with maximum recycled content and consideration for protecting both the wildlife and biodiversity.

VOYA seaweed comes in the netting, which you can cut to release the seaweed to float in your bath

Now, to the actual product. Once you lift the box’s paper lid in which the seaweed bath is contained, you will see a sizeable bag of seaweed that was selected by sight, as well as a packet of grainy sea salt. Soak both in hot water and the seaweed will rehydrate before your eyes, ‘springing’ back to life. Expect the same result in terms of vitality for your skin/body after the bath! As you luxuriate in the bath dreaming, listening to music, watching the favourite show or reading a book, seaweed alginate properties will be releasing into the water, changing the water from clear to slightly yellow/green colour. You can keep the seaweed in the netting in which it arrives or you can ‘release’ it, as if in sea or ocean wilderness, depending on personal preference. You can also squeeze the seaweed when it’s floating in the bath to release even more nutrients from the strands. Doing it with your feet is fun; use your hands and you will get the squidgy residue on your hands that you can spread, like a gel, all over your body. An element of personalised seaweed therapy that makes skin feel incredibly soft to the touch afterwards, without the need to apply anything else to it.

Top Tip: VOYA team recommends to stay in the bath for at least 20 minutes in order to experience maximum benefits.

VOYA’s salty seaweed

Please take care when you come out of the bath, as seaweed is slippery. You can use each seaweed bath twice, so either leave it in a drained bath overnight, if you fancy taking a bath on two consecutive days or place seaweed in a glass container with the lid and don’t forget to add Epsom or Himalayan salts when you run the bath next time. Once I have used mine, I place it into my plant garden waste that the council collects weekly.

VOYA seaweed that has been dehydrated by hot bath water

Having taken the seaweed baths on two consecutive nights while testing them, I noticed that I had a deeper night’s sleep and felt somewhat more energised the next day. My skin felt softer and my mind more calm and contented. While I appreciate that not everyone has a bath at home, this product acts as a reminder of how potent, powerful and healing nature is and how simple ingredients, that have existed for centuries and haven’t been chemically altered, can benefit our overall sense of wellbeing.

While nothing will replace the sense of swimming in the sea and ocean with the seaweed floating underneath your body, this is a wonderful alternative and a reminder to support thoughtful businesses that might not be hogging the headlines or social media, yet they focus on harnessing the wisdom of the elders, while running a modern business with the primary focus on benefitting both the customers and not diminishing the nature.

seaweed bathing is as nurturing for the body, as it it for nourishing skin

To learn more about VOYA and it’s products please click here to go to brand’s website.

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