Sejaa pure skincare and interview with Gisele

Sejaa3It’s hard to look and Gisele and not feel jealous, even if you are a very self-assured woman. Let’s be honest-she is a  young woman with a sexy body, who appears stunning in every photo that you see of her and yet she seems to be very centered and natural. She manages to keep her private life just that- private- and yet you sense that she is a strong woman who knows who she is without letting it get to her head. She has a husband and a baby son and an extended family, who seem to be very close in our unsteady times.

A while back, during a lecture at the Royal College of Fashion, Mario Testino told the audience, including me, about trying to start Gisele’s career and fashion editors being reluctant to champion her. Well, look who was right in the end? Gisele is not only the beauty but the brain too, who is determined to achieve her goals, without compromising her integrity or vision.

Having said that, I always felt that Gisele was a worthy role mode who has an innate gift to inspire people (she ‘introduced me’ to Don Miguel Ruiz, whose book ‘The Voice of Knowledge‘ I found thought provoking and inspiring), so I became very curious when I read her profile in one of the recent American Vogue editions, where she mentioned her skincare line, called Sejaa.

She started it not so long ago, wanting to use natural ingredients that healed the skin and made it radiant-after all, appearances do count in the society we all live in and a supermodel knows a great deal about that, I presume. Yet I think it is a labour of love for her too, with which she hopes to give her knowledge and maybe some of her beauty secrets back to women who are inspired by her. One also senses that becoming a mother changed her and made her think about what she uses on her skin and body-having children does make you pause and think about many things, including one’s health, mortality and general outlook on life……

If you look at the Sejaa’s site, you will see Gisele goofing about, while she talks about her pure skincare brand. She shows you how to use and apply products and explains her ideas and philosophy in developing Sejaa.

I placed my order and waited patiently-after all, deliveries from the US take ages!! I waited and waited and my parcel didn’t arrive-testing me, as I really wanted to try the creams. I e-mailed Sejaa customer services who were very sweet and prompt in their reply-maybe it’s the Brazilian way? I was told that they were now shipping thousands of kits to Europe and their European warehouse was finally operational, cutting the delivery time down to one week ( I had to wait three or four before the warehouse was ready and parcels were shipped form the US). For now you can purchase Sejaa direct from the website (see the link below), but eventually the company will partner with good distributors. Good distributors-please take note, the products are wonderful!

Finally my beautifully wrapped kit arrived in a pretty environmentally friendly packaging, that contained a message from Gisele (every customer gets one! and it’s both sweet and insightful), a bamboo cloth for the face, a little wooden spatula and two creams and a mud treatment. The packaging is simple but quite distinct with pretty lettering, listing the ingredients and explaining how to use each product. You can easily recycle the boxes and later the pots that contain creams and I think that’s a very novel and contious choice when it comes to most of cosmetic packaging.

The Day cream is a lighter formulation (it smells faintly of coconuts) and the Night cream, which smells a little like cocoa and cookies .), is thicker and more nourishing. I haven’t had a great success with natural skincare until now and in the beginning my skin felt a little tingly when I applied the creams, but within a week my skin felt clearer and more radiant. I think that some of my lines-and yes, I have those because I frown and don’t Botox-seem softer. My skin is well moisturised and I like how it feels to the touch, almost like it did in my 20s.

The Mud treatment left me equally impressed, especially when it dries up and I can pull funny faces at my son, who looks bewildered and probably thinks that his mother is crazy! It clears your complexion  with a unique combination of natural clays and unlike some masks on my shelves, I actually use this one at least once a week.

Now, let me ask you a question-do you think I met Gisele? The honest answer is not yet, but I was really keen to ask her more questions before writing this post, so I did, and thanks to  Sejaa customer services and Jared Wright, I have a little exclusive of mine below and hopefully a treat for you-some questions from me and answers from Gisele, which I hope will inspire you to try her products and see why I am such a Sejaa convert. 

 E-mail authorised interview with Gisele about Sejaa skincare. 

Q:How did you come about with the idea of developing a skincare line? Were you influenced by Christy Turlington’s experience with Nude & Sundari or Rose Marie-Swifts RMS Beauty (I have become addicted to her products lately!)

A: I’m getting older and I’m starting to think about what I’m putting on my skin and in my body in a wholesome, natural way. If I want to be the healthiest I can be, I want to give my body the best it can have. I really notice a difference when I don’t eat well, when I don’t moisturize, when I don’t exercise – I feel a difference. So, when I decided to do Sejaa, this is really about self love, this is a way to nurture my body more.

I wanted make something that was the most natural. I asked, “What is the best way possible this can be made?” because then I can feel good about putting it on my body.

 Q: From your experience, what does a woman need to do to keep her face looking beautiful naturally?
A: I believe when you are conscious of putting what’s best in and on your body, then it shows in your complexion. Beauty is a reflection outside of who you are inside.

Q: Which of Sejaa’s product’s is the most effective or is your favourite? And to what age group is your skincare best suited?

A: I created each Sejaa product to do a certain thing. I’ve used a lot of products in my career, so I know what’s good for my skin and what isn’t, and I really spent a lot of time making sure each Sejaa product would be the best it could be for everyone. I love the Day Cream because its very light and it nourishes very well. The Night Cream is amazing because its a little thicker, so its great at replenishing your skin while you sleep- and I think it smells amazing too. The Mud Treatment is great for pulling the impurities out of your skin.

I think Sejaa is best suited for ages 16-65 and for both men and women.

Q: Do you plan to expand your skincare line and maybe branch into body care too?

 A: Yes, we’ll be launching a Self-Warming Exfoliating cleanser in the Fall. Other body care products are on the way as well.

 Q: I have regular aromatherapy massages and truly believe in the power of essential oils. Do you use essential oils and which ones do you find the best for the skin?

 A: I really believe in how essential oils can benefit different parts of health and wellness and that’s why I included them in the Day and Night Creams. I love aromatherapy.

Q: What do you think about organic skincare versus normal (chemical based) skincare?
A: Anything that is truly organic, like an apple or an orange, even if you put it in the fridge, can go rotten in a week. So I know that natural preservatives (like coconut) can give it a longer shelf life. Sejaa is best that I think it can possibly be.

Q: Do you think that massage is beneficial for the face?
 A: I love face massage and using Sejaa to massage into my face feels wonderful.

Q:What makes Sejaa different from other skincare brands on the market? How involved are you with the product development and ingredients?

  A: Sejaa is different from other skincare brands because I wanted it to be 100% natural and 100% environmentally responsible from beginning to end. I’ve been very involved in creating this line for over 2 years now to make sure it was exactly the way I thought it should be – and I’m very proud of it. I hope you like it too.

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