September beauty buys and testers

Beauty9August has been a lazy month on my beauty front as I enjoyed the sunshine (using SPF 30 on my body and SPF 15 on my face), the sea, the food and putting minimal make-up or none at all during the day-I called it my own little beauty detox .) and I didn’t buy one single beauty product during my august break!

I did ‘trial’ my new cleanser during vacation time though. It is by Ole Henriksen, to whose brand I was introduced a few years ago by Anastasia Achilleos. It is called ‘On the go cleanser’and it is suitable for the normal/combination skin and is cheerfully orange in colour (it does contain vitamin C, that helps with brightening up of the skin, plus seaweed, grapeseed and yucca). This cleanser doesn’t dry the skin when I use it in the morning, unlike some of the cleansers, even the gentle ones. It is recommended that you really work the leather into the skin in the upward motion in order to get read of the dirt and excess oil, making sure that your face is ready for all the nutrients that you will add with a serum or cream.

The holiday ended and so did my non-buying beauty products sabbatical. Below are a few things that I have bought or been testing this month:

Body Shop: it came up with a new line of vitamin C products for your face-I wonder if that’s the brand’s way of telling us that we can all work on brightening up of our skin tones? I have tried the Microdermabrasion Vitamin C but found the formulation too rough for my skin and when I returned it back to the shop the sales assistant did say to me that the particles are quite rough and not suitable for some women-couldn’t they tell me this when I was asking for their views in the first place? I do like their Vitamin C Eye reviver duo, which has a nice applicator on one side with the cream that brightens and moisturises the under-eye area and the roller ball on another, that you use on your upper eye lid-giving you a cooling pleasant sensation.   

Becca: I love this Australian brand for their formulations-they do make one of the best foundations as far as I am concerned-and their products in general. I have bought the Beach Tint for Cheeks and Lips in one of the a/w 2010 colours, which is very subtle and smells delicious-don’t eat it though!

Nars: My latest discovery is called Pure Sheer SPF Lip treatment (in a shade called Paloma, which looks orangy coral-missing the summer already, am I ?). It gives a nice colour and feels quite moisturizing.

RMK: it’s a really wonderful Japanese brand, that has great products and lots of colours. I was introduced to this brand, which is stocked up in Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, by one of the best make-up artists who have ever done my make-up, Sarah Jane Froom, and I haven’t looked back since. The new addition to RMK Autumn Brown a/w 2010 collection is the Ingenious waterproof pencil eyeliner (£18), which comes in four shades-black, deep grey, deep brown and white (my choice for now). It is smudge resistant and very easy to apply and it does give a subtle eye-opening effect-what more can a girl ask for from her eyeliner (oh, Japanese are very cleaver and they pay attention to the little detail-this cute silver slick eyeliner also has the smudge applicator and sharpner hidden at its other end)!

Origins: this brand keeps on coming up with lots of nice skincare products as of late, that you tend to keep on using. Their latest moisturiser is called VitaZing SPF 15 energy boosting moisturiser with mangosteen and it promises to brighten up dull skin tones, releasing colour pigments to even out your complexion. I haven’t noticed any visible difference so far but then my skin looks tanned so I have no right to moan just yet.

Nude: this organic brand just keeps on going from strength to strength, both with their products for the skin and body, as with vitamins too-I have heard good feedback on vitamins but haven’t tried them myself just yet. They have just released a new serum-seems to be the most popular product to be released in the last year, across the beauty companies board. It is called ‘Advanced Cellular Renewal Serum’(£68 for 30 mls) and all the beauty sections of the magazines that I read keep on raving about it. This product promises to ‘activate cellular renewal, helps repair damage and restructure facial contours. A complete Hyaluronic Acid System with antioxidant Japanese sea kelp and Bioactive Peptides delivers dramatically younger, porcelain smooth skin’. You are supposed to apply it to cleansed skin in the evening and I was told by the beauty consultant that it can be used on both the decollette and under eye areas. This serum should be suitable for all skin types. What I also like is that the bottle has a dropper with a small button, so you can get out as little of the serum as you need at a time, without waisting the product-very handy indeed! I am curious to see if this one ‘betters’ the results of my favourite Kiehl’s acai berry complex, so I will keep you posted in the future.

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