Service & Timing

I have been going to my local nail bar for years-it’s run by a grumpy Chinese guy and full of non-stop talking Chinese girls who are generally quiet efficient at giving good manis & pedis. I have booked my today’s appointment in the beginning of the week, had a babysitter and was …10 minutes late. When i arrived and apologised, I was told that my appointment was given away to someone else, which left me angry and bewildered.

Honestly, I am a stickler for being on time and this was probably the first time that I was late for my appointment at that particular place. I am a regular and on quite a few occasions I was left waiting, while my ‘usual’ girls finished painting someone else’s nails and came to do mine. I am always living tips and have never been anything but smiley when there and this is what I got, for being 10 minutes late? Someone walked through the door, they didn’t even call me and I ‘kiss the door’.

Call me petty, but I will never go to my ‘usual’ girl for pedicures, as a matter of principle. If you treat someone nicely and get this in return, it’s just not worth it. So much for loyalty in service…..

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