Shade Parade Chanel nail bar at Selfridges

For many years Chanel has been at the forefront of developing great nail polishes that cause aIMG_0461 sensation on almost every occasion, so I was surprised that until recently they didn’t host nail events, like the one Selfridges is currently hosting in the beauty hall.

From the 21st of February until the 6th of March Chanel invites you to discover their Vernis Shade Parade collection with Chanel’s shape and colour service.

I came to Selfridges on a busy Saturday morning and was set down at the manicure table, surrounded by the colourful selection of Chanel nail polishes. The chairs on which you sit remind me of director’s chairs and make you feel like you have the prime spot on the pedestal.

Dawn, my lovely manicurist, talked me through the shade selection, took my nail polish off and gently told me off for the state of my cuticles-dry, I know. She told me that in order for the hands and cuticles to look groomed you need to moisturize them every day and gave me a good tip-warm up IMG_0459some olive oil in the microwave and rub it in your nails and cuticles, letting it work its magic for about 10-15 minutes. Do it for a week and you are bound to see the difference! After Dawn shaped my nails, she gave me a quick hand massage with Chanel’s lovely smelling hand cream and then proceeded to paint my nails-first she put on Chanel’s protective base coat ( it protects your nails from staining and keeps them in optimum health plus it makes your nail colour last longer ) and then she applied two coats of my chosen nail polish ( ‘ming’ shade ) and a top coat.

I was then sat at a different table, with my hands under the dryer and I thoroughly enjoyed looking around, watching people streaming by, while my nails were drying-not a bad way to start your Saturday morning! Dawn told me that it takes nail polish about eight hours to completely dry, but topcoat and nail oil can help to speed up the process. On this occasion she applied nail oil with a long, glass dropper and unlike many manicurists before her, just let the oil envelope my nails, without rubbing it in. Five minutes later she nodded her approval and I got off my chair and after thanking her and the team, walked off towards the errands that awaited me in the real world.

Chanel shade parade at Selfridges costs £20, redeemable against Chanel purchasers on the day. Call 0207 318 2372 to book your appointment.

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