Shanti Sundays or happy fashion

Today is such a gorgeously sunny day it hard not to think of the lazy summer days, when the pace is more relaxed and happiness comes to mind naturally. But it’s not just the state of mind, it’s the people & things that we surround ourselves with. It can also be attributed to the things that we choose to wear, the items of clothing that make us feel relaxed and happy –  one of the reasons why I felt such affinity when discovering the UK-based brand called Shanti Sundays.


Founded by Tracey Ellis, the brand offers a variety of tanks and tees (feast your eyes on ‘Hello Beautiful’ design or my personal summer favourite ‘ Love Bird Tank’ that I am wearing as I am typing this post), sweatshirts ( choose from hoodies to slouchy styles ), accessories ( there are currently two yoga bolsters and a cute heart-shaped meditation cushion that might appeal to kids or teens as well ) plus a few tees and sweats for the kids.


Shanti means peace, calm, bliss in Sanskrit and Sundays are one of everyone’s favourite days of the week, when we choose to have fun in a leisurely way (a lie-in, brunch with family or friends, long walks, reading or day dreaming on the sofa …) before starting the new week (unlike Saturdays, which might be more hectic and fast-paced). When Tracey designs the pieces, she aims to combine the movement with rest, helping you transition naturally from the faster action to the slower pace.

‘ I’m a true yogi, I qualify to teach in November. I try to practise asana or meditation every day, even if only for 20 minutes. I find it makes a world of difference to my outlook and my relationship to the world.’ Tracey Ellis, Shanti Sundays founder.



What holds additional appeal when it comes to Shanti Sundays, is the comfort and practicality of designs, as well as the super softness of the organic cotton that envelops you in the gentle hug and makes you feel secure and in your element. The tees are roomy and long, in the sense that they cover your butt and don’t stop at the point where it makes your silhouette look wrong or you feel super conscious if you aren’t a skinny size 6. The clothes are designed by a real woman for real women, so whatever your body shape, you will find something to make you look and feel good and for me, it’s one of the important points in how I choose my own clothes and outfits. Doing a morning run today, in the gorgeous sunshine, with the Shanti Sundays tee over my Hilfiger jeans and layered under a super light Zadig & Voltaire cardigan, I felt happy just being and doing whatever I was doing. With a state of mind like that even smiling at strangers comes naturally!


” I had a fashion background before I discovered yoga almost ten  years ago, before getting involved in the yoga world, working with Triyoga for several years amongst other things”.

When Tracey and I exchanged e-mails in the summer, she told me that a few years ago she ended up feeling super stressed and depleted and yoga, particularly restorative one, was the thread that held her together. She added that ‘Shanti Sundays was born from that and my desire to encourage people to rest by giving them stylish and comfortable clothes and props to support this. I truly believe that’s what we need in this increasingly fast-paced world. I love to move and workout dynamically, but resting is equally important.’

So with autumn allowing us to luxuriate in the feel of summer for a few more days, precipitate things, wear things, as the seasons roll along, that will help you feel happy, thus navigating work & life with inner strength and calming grace.

To find out more about Shanti Sundays, please click here 

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