Skandinavian designs from Skandivis

Skandivis2Scandinavians have always been ahead of the rest of the world in terms of many things (ABBA, Ikea, Astrid Lindgren, Noma by Rene Redzepi…..) and as I have friends hailing from that region, I do have a soft spot for designs coming from Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Finland, so I got quite excited when I heard about the new online store called Skandivis

Toni Kay, who started the company, is Danish and she seems to be keeping her finger on the design pulse (and not just from her part of the world), making sure that what the sight offers remains interesting and relevant.

The site itself is simple but effective with its descriptions and beautiful pictures of the items to buy. You have living, dine & drink, pets, kids and decorate subsections which are brimming with delectable goodies from Verner Panton (he kind of reminds me of my very creative grandfather, who succeeded in everything he did, be it poetry, making toys for me or furniture for our country house or helping with costume designs for my school plays)-I secretly crave his Flowerpot table lamp in yellow-friends, take notice .), Ton Haas (his coral chair design is pretty cool), Hanne Berzant (her photographic pillows are purely stunning) or Trine Andersen ( try resisting her cute Ferm living pillows for children’s bedrooms-my son was instantly smitten!) or colourful magnetic boards from Mia Battilan -and that’s just a few teasers.  

The delivery is swift and the service is incredibly courteous-thank you Toni, I think Skandivis venture will be quite successful !

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