Skin radiance

DecleorSkin is our biggest organ, as it covers us from top to bottom, protects us, absorbs things like vitamins, sunshine and moisture and makes us look human .) One thing many women have in common is the desire to have radiant looking skin, whatever the age.

When we are young we don’t even think about it, but as we get older and the radiance requires more work, we often struggle to find that magical solution.

As you know, I am a firm believer and lover .) of aromatherapy and I admit to being addicted to the skin oils-be it for the face or body-that my lovely aromatherapist Michelle mixes for me seasonally but a few days ago, as I was browsing the skincare counters at John Lewis I saw a bottle at Decleor that made me pause and consider it. The oil is called 10-day radiance powder cureand it contains essential oils (grapefruit, petitgrain,lemon) and fruit extracts. You only use it once every season, i.e. four times a year, for about 10 days or so-depending on how you use your dropper. The bottle’s top contains pure vitamin C powder which you release into the bottle and shake it. As soon as that process is done, your oil is ready for use, morning and evening, underneath your usual moisturiser. My skin really liked it and I would recommend it, unless you have access to a good aromatherapist or my friend Michelle, who can tailor make an oil for you.

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