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Sometimes seeing a practitioner you have known for many years but haven’t seen recently leads on a curios path of discovering the changes and new developments. In what seems my past life, I used to see John Tsagaris for body treatments that involved John’s extensive acupuncture knowledge & left me stronger, healthier and centred. John always seemed to stand out as practitioner with his zen-like approach to holistic body treatments and his Chelsea clinic has the air of the same tranquility.


John travels a lot for his work, jetting from Dubai to Spain via Moscow, where he is now based at Buro Beauty as a resident practitioner a few days every month. Yet he still calls London home and his voice seems to fill with happiness when he mentions it, alongside his own clinic & the clients that he sees there.

The clinic is located at the end of a peaceful Godfrey street, about five minutes away from King’s Road. As soon as you enter, you breath out stress and breath in calm ambiance. With the fire casting a warming glow from fireplace and a glass of Evian waiting for you on the table beside the sofa, all you need to do is fill in a medical questionnaire, before John softly enters, ready to take you upstairs to his treatment room. John offers a variety of treatments but his current focus is on facial rejuvenation and using his skincare line called Skin Point Eight. John hasn’t put the words natural or organic on the packaging but the leaping bunny symbol offers reassurance that his skincare line is indeed more about holistic lifestyle ( fused with scientific approach ) than your average mainstream brand. I will be honest in saying that the price of his products is eye-watering ( ranging from £180 to £360 ) and sadly I couldn’t find the information about ingredients lists on neither John’s website nor online at Harrods, which stocks it exclusively. I guess having a facial treatment with John gave me a good excuse to discover his products, from textures to smells, as well as ask John directly all the questions about them.

Looking after your face is not about anti-ageing, the term that John  clearly dislikes. Instead John looks at your face as a diagnostic landscape, examining & then helping to improve your skin & muscles tone via various techniques, including lymphatic drainage, acupuncture stimulation & facial shiatsu, which increase blood flow and collagen production among other things.

I am sure that John sees some clients who use Botox but when questioned, John says it doesn’t prevent him from treating them – if anything people who have Botox regularly, have more pale skin in the treated area, so he works on improving blood flow to start with & boosting skin radiance.


John starts with examining my face & asking about my concerns. I take my shoes off and go to lie down on a comfortable treatment table, decked out in fluffy towels and cosy support pillows. He takes my pulse ( John is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine & I can’t remember the time when he didn’t start the treatment with it, so beware, this is the way your body tells him your secrets .)

After cleansing my face, John applies a delicate feeling cloth-like Age-Adapt Mask on my face. Made from Tencel fibre, it is infused with potent adaptogen actives & Chinese medicinal herbs, including Ginseng that offers antioxidant protection against environmental aggressors and Astragalus that helps to stimulate circulation at subcutaneous level.

As I start to relax, uninterrupted by the music that some therapists choose to play for you, John uses gentle but firm pressure ( the mask offers cool, silky comfort to the skin but has a smooth surface, which allows John to easily move his fingers across my face ) to do facial shiatsu. Focussing on acupressure points the benefits include stimulation of  collagen production, improved blood flow, release of muscles tension by softening & stretching connective fascia and draining extra fluid from the face. The process is quite relaxing and if I didn’t ask John multiple questions in the process, I could have easily drifted off. With the mask still on &  my skin feeling soothed by its moist texture, John works with a derma-roller ( this one doesn’t have needles that ‘prick’ my skin ) and follows it with a gentle electric vibration device that enhances skincare actives penetration by further increasing your circulation. After removing the mask and applying concentrate John follows it up with facial sliding cupping that feels like a rubber duckling giving you enthusiastic kisses on the face – you feel the pressure but it is a pleasant one. Having grown up with cupping as a remedy for colds & easing chest congestion in Russia, this one was quite novel to me and I didn’t know whether to continue feeling relaxed or to giggle.

The treatment lasts for about 45 minutes and is finished with the application of John’s Skin Point Eight moisturiser that was developed with John’s principle of ‘we can’t fight time but we can adapt to it’. John told me that his skincare products work on all skin types, as they were created to adapt and address your skin’s needs in the moment in time, every days (there are currently five and more in development, due to be released next spring ).

Before I leave, I ask John for advice regarding my skin and he says that I need to exfoliate more often ( that rings true, as I have neglected exfoliation in the last couple of months and I guess my skin responded accordingly, which didn’t go unnoticed by John’s attentive eyes ) and to not be afraid to use lactic acid under my eyes. I leave the clinic with glowing & plump skin & not a trace of make-up, as the image below can testify. The best compliment to a practitioner from a woman, I hope you would agree.


For more information about John Tsagaris, his skincare products Skin Point Eight and a list of treatments at his clinic, please click here

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