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At the time when I started to look into using more natural deodorant formulas, few were available & they didn’t look (or smell appealing). I wanted a reliable solution to my roll-on, but I certainly wasn’t going to go primal and rub salt crystals into my armpits. Luckily more and more women were joining the conversation and brands responded, from green beauty pioneers like Weleda to more recent entrants like Natural Deo Co, Soapwalla, Aurelia Probiotic Skincare and now a US vegan brand Corpus, that landed on the beauty hall shelf at Liberty London in January.

Softly launched in July of 2018 in LA and quickly selling out, Corpus re-launched in October of 2018 in the US and in January in London, as well as in Europe. Distinctly packaged in unisex mint green paper boxes & sustainably manufactured (utilising renewable solar & hydroelectric energy, as well as using recycled materials for the box and deodorant case) from naturally-derived vegan ingredients, it attracts your gaze. When I unscrewed the lid, deodorant appearance reminded me of my father’s favourite Issey Miyake deodorant roll-on. But there is more my dear reader!

There are currently five Corpus deodorant sticks. Choose from Santalum, Third Rose, Cedar Flora, No. Green & the Botanist ( I was torn between the last two and decided to go with No. Green & its sophisticated bergamot, pink lemon, orange blossom & cardamom fragrance notes). The brand consciously choses to use naturally derived vegan ingredients, layering essential oils & isolates with fresh & intriguing fragrance palate. Each fragrance blend (which are created by blending of derived enzymes and plant extracts) is intriguing on the nose and apart from a more feminine ‘Third Rose’, the four deodorants scents would be equally appealing to men and women. Upon application the scent settles on the skin, but best of all, the efficacy of the formula is long-lasting, whether you lead a sedate lifestyle or a fast-paced one.

It’s also worth noting that Corpus doesn’t use baking soda in their formula. Something that many customers will appreciate, as unfortunately many people start reacting to baking soda deodorants sooner or later. Having never been ‘sensitive’ to that ingredient myself, last summer all of a sudden I developed red, itchy patches in one of my armpits and after they refused to go away, I went for a check-up with GP, who said it was a skin reaction and nothing more sinister than that. This of course prompted me to explore the alternatives, as all of a sudden natural deodorants that I adored and that I came to rely on had to be relegated to the back shelf. I am happy to report that my ‘sensitivity’ to baking soda has since subsided (my regular swimming in sea in the summer probably aggravated the problem), but I am glad to have experiences what I have, as when it comes to this issue I can now offer practical solutions depending on the preference.

As packaging plays an important part in our perception of the brand, I reached out to Corpus to learn more about this aspect of their design process. Currently they use a plastic applicator, which is made from a combination of new & recycled plastic (both post-industrial and post consumer) and it is 100% recyclable. The outer packaging, the box into which each deodorant is packed for transportation & displaying purposes, is made using sustainable forestry and recycled pulp. Brand’s philosophy is to evolve towards green solutions whenever possible, and as new sustainable alternatives become available, Corpus plans to adopt them.

Top Tip:  apply this deodorant to clean, dry skin because applying it to moist skin will dilute the product & decrease its effectiveness.

Sweating is as necessary for our body’s function, as breathing, but most of us don’t want to smell of our own sweat. The problem is that many mainstream deodorants contain parabens, PEGs, hormone disruptors like fragrances, petrochemicals and aluminium or its compounds. The latter has been linked with breast cancer (I am not a scientist to agree or refute that fact, but it is certainly something worth considering, when choosing a deodorant). Ultimately you need to read the list of ingredients and consider potential pitfalls in terms of your long-term health.

While doing research on Corpus Naturals, I was assisted by their helpfully responsive team and below is a small Q & A to give you additional insights into the inner world of the brand.

   What led the founder/founders of Corpus to create a deo stick? What makes Corpus different from other natural personal hygiene brands?

    • JP Mastey is the founder of Corpus Naturals and, previously, CEO Baxter of California, Baxter Finley Barber & Shop. He was long interested in natural products, but struggled to find products that performed to high standards.  After many years of experimentation, he was able to create an effective, natural deodorant formula with no compromises.
    • We didn’t do “natural” because it’s a hot topic. We did it because we knew we could do it better. To create something special, it has to be the sum of all parts. It’s not enough to make a product that simply works. So, everything from a true natural form, elevated non-synthetic fragrances, manufacturing practices and the overall design were equally considered. Natural is important, but so is the experience of using a product. We don’t think they are mutually exclusive.

        Are Corpus products suitable for teenagers?


          What are the ‘star’ ingredients in your deo formulas?

  • Water-based, baking soda-free formula for a less irritation
  • Natural fragrances
  • Saccharomyces Ferment Filtrate (ORGANIC)- derived from the fermentation of vegetable feedstock, naturally combats odor.

List of ingredients can be seen here

To find out more about Corpus, please click here To purchase any of the five Corpus deodorants, available exclusively at Liberty London please click here

Corpus Natural Deodorant, 75g, £23

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