Something from the past that fits perfectly into the present

When I was born, my grandparents on my father’s side were working and living in Rome, so yours truly was very lucky indeed to be spoiled by them, especially as there wasn’t a huge variety of things for children in Moscow, unlike now.

One of my mother’s favourite gadgets at the time was a warming plate. It had a white top and a clear bottom part, which has glittery stars and little toys floating in the fluid. The genius of the item was that you could pour hot water into the special compartment, thus keeping the food on the plate perfectly warm. And to this day I think fondly of that plate, because when I wasn’t eating out of it, I loved shaking it as a baby and seeing the glitter and stars float in the fluid.

Time went by and I had kids of my own, but until this summer I haven’t seen anything resembling that wonderful plate of mine. Yes, you have food warmers but they are more suited to Imagbabies and they actually don’t keep food warm after you take it out, so imagine my excitement when my mother spotted a similar plate at a Spanish kid’s emporium called Imaginarium.

The plate itself is divided into two compartments-I use one for keeping a pudding or dessert warm and another for whatever I feed my baby for lunch or dinner. Once you pore the hot water into the hot water chamber, the food warms up within five minutes or so, and the food stays warm for a while, which is handy if you have a slower eater .) The plate also has a firm grip on the surface it is standing on, so it’s not that easy to throw it on the floor, as many babies do, leading to you ‘joyusly’ cleaning up the kitchen floor, for a gazillion’s time.

This plate also comes with tumbler style baby spoon and fork that are safe to use even for theimag2 tiniest tots,  and also help them to develop early feeding skills, while playing. The whole set is easy to fit into your baby bag for travel, so even if you are delayed and frustrated, your little one will be easily fed with minimum fuss plus the spoon and fork will double as amusing toys, as my little one can personally testify.  

Imaginarium itself is a treasure trove of ideas-I first came across it in the Barcelona airport a few years ago, when it occupied a small space, but brimmed with a variety of colourful and unusual developmental toys. They have now expanded their range and do toys (so many of which are so great, you will be enjoying yourself on the shop’s premises as much as your kids, whatever their age), books, kid’s jewellery, childcare items, furniture-the list goes on! And an additional benefit is that you can find their stores in bigger Spanish cities, like Barcelona, Madrid, Girona, Alicante or Asturias plus in Ireland, Italy and other countries, the list of which you can find on Imaginarium’s internet site below.

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