Hair greatness from HairFix

HairfixMost men and women I know obsess about their hair-some talk about it, most pretend not to care but let’s be honest-we all live in the world where looks count and a luxurious main of hair is always an added bonus.

I like my hair too, and try to look after it without being too obsessive. Yes, good diet and plenty of water is essential for good hair growth and sometimes taking a good supplement might be an added bonus-I do it quarterly for a month but nowadays there are so many hair brands and products it’s hard to choose. Do you go for a ‘cheap’ brand or do you buy an  expensive one? Will it work for your hair if it worked wonders on your girlfriend’s? Who do you ask for advice?

I will tell you more about my haircare favourites in later posts, but for now I just wanted to praise those smart Cult Beauty girls who recently started stocking and selling a professional treatment hair system called the HairFix (watch out though, the stock sells really fast).

It consists of three products: 1.release, 2.revive, 3.replenish that you use once a week to revitalise the hair after heating, brushing, colouring and over-styling etc. It’s easy to use and you do see a difference after using it only for three or four times. I have never used anything like that before, but have to say that those products really do make a difference in addition to your usual haircare routine, deeply cleansing the hair and scalp and nourishing hair and follicles with keratine.

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