Spring gift set from Ellis Faas

Spring is the time for renewal and new beginnings, so you have a perfect opportunity to review your make-up colour palette andSpring_Set_2012_lowres introduce something new and slightly daring into your make-up bag. With sunshine streaming through the windows it’s nice to experiment with vibrant, beautiful colour palettes, so Ellis Faas spring gift set will give you the perfect tools to achieve just that.

The set contains the Creamy Eyes E106, which is a lilac taupe – ideal to create a soft smokey eye. The lilac Light E304 can be used for amethyst-like sparkly highlights. And to complete the Spring Gift Set, Ellis chose the juicy, nude pink Milky Lips L207, which is a lovely combination with the eye products.

The set costs £55, which is a great bargain, as opposed to buying those products separately. A lovely Easter treat for any stylish woman who is ready to face the world with a pretty glow and a knowing smile on her face !


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