Spring make-up 2013

I thought that I haven’t shared additions to my make-up bag with you for a little while, so decided to do it in two parts, this being part one, about my pick of luxury beauty brands launches that have become the latest additions to my spring make-up routine.

BB Creams

As I said in the past, in general, I am not a huge fan of BB creams, as to me they are the same as tinted moisturisers but two fairly recent launches have certainly become my ‘beauty keepers’. The first one comes from Dior and is called Nude Glow Skin Perfecting Beauty Balm with FPS 10 SPF PA+. It comes in sleek packaging and has an easily controllable airless pump that dispenses just the right amount of product. It is lightweight, smells faintly of roses and makes your face look groomed but not overdone. It also acts as great primer/skin perfector, meaning that you only need to add bronzer or blusher on top and you are ready to face the world. I wear it during the day and feel like I made an effort but certainly haven’t gone over the top.


Dior Nude BB Cream, £30 for 30 mls, 3 shades

Another product worth considering is from Kiehl’s and is called Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream. It contains Vitamin C, as well as broad spectrum (SPF 50 PA +++) and claims to ‘instantly perfect and correct skin tone irregularities’. You have a choice of three shades-fair, light and natural, which come in a small white squeezable tube. The formula itself seems initially quite thick, yet I didn’t think it looked or felt heavy when I applied it and it definitely adds a slight glow to your skin even before you add the bronzer or highlighter. Even though it has a medicinal smell, I like using it in the morning and it does indeed seem to hide imperfections and keep them out of sight for several hours, seemingly reducing pore size and fine lines, soothing the skin and enhancing its glow or creating one if you lack it naturally. A good product to use during the day or build it up for going out in the evening.


Kiehl’s Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream, £23.50 for 30 mls, 3 shades


I like Ellis Faas make-up for its cool packaging and for the formulas that very expertly match the undertones of your skin. Their updated blush formulas add a touch of colour, as well as tone and cool the skin, so you end up looking refreshed and not made up-which is really what I want and like in my make-up products. The blush itself now has a brush applicator and the formula contains rose water and vitamins C & E. When I am feeling cheekily creative myself, I also use the blusher on my lips, thus multi-tasking when I am pressed for time. The blushers are easy to apply or layer, depending on your skin tone.

It comes in four shades: Warm Dusty Pink (S301), Fresh Coral (S302), Soft Bronze (S303) and Mulled Wine (S304) , is unscented, not tested on animals and works for all skin types.


Ellis Faas Blush, £ 21 for 2.5 mls


I, like any other woman, have been a fan of Clinique chubby sticks for lips ( launched in 2011 ), so when I heard that they were launching one for the eyes, in a variety of shades, of course I went to the Clinique counter to check them out. A sales assistant in Harrods Beauty Hall, a lovely young woman from South Africa tried to do a light sales pitch but I think I was pretty much sold as soon as I saw all 12 shades of Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes. We played with several of them but in the end I chose a very subtle one, called Lavish Lilac ( a purply pink color ). The lovely thing about this product is that you don’t have to be experienced or precise at all-anyone, even a child can apply it and get it right the first time round. It glides smoothly over your eyelid and you can build it up a little if you want it to be a bit more dramatic. They stay put with hardly any creasing and they don’t dry up the delicate skin around they eye. You will also find them very easy to be taken off with your regular make-up remover in the evening. Loving it!


Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes, £16 for 3g, 12 shades 


I will raise my hand and honestly say that while I loved the coolness of the lipstick compact design and the smell of Tom Ford matt lipsticks, I found the actual formulas too rich for me and ended up scrawling messages to myself on the bathroom mirror with it-a nice but expensive pencil might I add. But my curiosity always takes a lead when it comes to any creative ventures from the magician that is Mr Tom Ford. His latest beauty launch is called Lip Colour Shine Collection and he manages to fuse high shine of the gloss with high lipstick pigment in the nourishing product that beautifies, prettifies and nourishes your lips. Moisturising ingredients like soja seed extract, chamomilla flower and murumuru butter help your lips to feel and look nourished and the actual colour of the lip shine makes you feel like a veritable Tom Ford woman, even if you can’t afford his fashiond designs.


Tom Ford Lip Color Shine £36 for 3,5g, 10 shades


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    1. Hi Sarah, no animal byproducts as far as I know and in terms of petroleum you will need to check each product ingredient list. Hope that helps.

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