Spring nails courtesy of Only Fingers And Toes

Compared to a decade ago we are spoilt for choice in terms of colour and finishes when it comes to nail polishes, but equally we remain frustrated that a manicure sometimes barely lasts a few days, before it starts to chip away if we forget to re-apply a top coat every other day. I am not a big fan of Shellac or artificial talons and even though I love inventive colours of Chanel nail polishes I am still on the look out for a perfect balance of colour, finish, glossiness and lasting power and with Only Fingers and Toes I think I found it.


Only Fingers + Toes was started by a very smart and savvy woman, who having worked in the City, decided to change the working field and follow her creative dreams. With the nail polishes being 5 Free ( no Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBD, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor ), a professional finish and stylish shades with names like Maharani, Reef and Hela to attract more than you passing glance, the brand is slowly building its presence. The nail polishes are sold in Harvey Nichols and you will be spoilt for choice – from subtle pinks to vivid reds, enticing purples and even yellow and orange brights, whatever your colour preference you will find your match.


I first had an Only Fingers And Toes (OFAT) mini manicure at Morton’s Club last year and just couldn’t stop looking at my bright but matt purple/silver nails. Most surprising, the manicure lasted a good week without any chipping, even thought I don’t lead a lifestyle of leisure and don’t wear gloves when doing the dishes – a dishwasher needs a break once in a while too.


The glossy but smooth texture of OFAT polishes  ( ‘I paint not to impress but to express’ ) makes you want to proudly display your hands, like a prized possession and feel groomed and ready to conquer the world.


Only Fingers + Toes nail polishes start at £15 or you can buy expertly curated trio boxes ( they are beautifully packaged and can be later used as a box for keeping your skincare samples for example ) for £42

For more information on the brand, as well as their stockists click here

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