Spring Wellbeing Tips

After a long, cold and dump winter we all long for the warmth and cheer of spring sunshine, unmistakable bird song outside our window and emergence of new green grass and flowers. But as winter gives way to spring, our body’s energy shifts and all of a sudden we look grey and feel tired, even little ones becoming grumpier. So, what to do? While I won’t make any drastic suggestions, I thought I would share the little things that together make me feel and, hopefully, look better too.

The Book: ‘Mindful beauty’ was written by the 80s supermodel Estelle Lefebvre and published by Flammarion. Before you contain your yawn and think that reading her book is not going to make you or me look like her, let me share some of her tips, which I believe to be very effective for modern, hectic lifestyle most of us lead in the city. This is not about ‘supermodel’ wisdom, but rather a wise and inquisitive female distilling her life’s experience and common sense into a book. Below is the list of some of my favourite bullit points from the book (the rest you can read yourself in the book, if you so choose):

  • Give your body a break once a week by sticking to drinking water, juice, smoothies, vegetable broth & kefir (this last one on the list is my own addition, not Estelle’s)
  • Go to bed early – don’t just say or think it, but do it consistently
  • Start a journal and write your thoughts and feeling in it regularly
  • Allocate quite time for reflection
  • Ignore sensational news coverage
  • Turn your phone off at night (p.s Digital tip: one of Apple genie bar guys recently recommended this to me, as a way of helping your battery and phone work a bit more efficiently – he didn’t say switch it off for the whole night, but said that doing it daily is useful. Just saying .)
  • Pay attention to what your dreams tell you
  • Take time to enjoy nature

In addition to that, I have also added Estelle’s ‘Dust Yourself Off’ Ritual’ to my daily routine and have to say that not only does it help to calm my buzzing mind, but allows to shift any negative emotions or unpleasant situations I might experience from time to time. I then take a shower, washing things off my skin with Bodhi & Birch shower therapies, while airing the room where I practise this ritual.

Supplements: While I personally think that a good multivitamin is essential for both children and grown-ups at this time of the year (currently awaiting my order of ‘Wild Nutrition‘ supplements for my husband, myself and my penguins), I also make sure I up everyone’s water intake in my family. For myself I also replace chai tea with Caudalie’s Bio-draining Herbal Tea Blend. It contains cinnamon peel, blueberry, red vine, sweet orange peel and blackcurrant and the good thing about it is that you can drink it hot or cold, allowing yourself to integrate a moment of wellness into your day. A cup of tea and some peaceful reflection, savouring the stillness of the moment. 

While I don’t have the luxury of tapping birch trees like was done during my childhood in Moscow in spring, in London I get my hands on Weleda Organic Birch Juice. Truth be told it tastes nothing like fresh spring birch juice straight from the tree, but Weleda’s product contains birch leaves which may assist digestive process and support our body’s own daily detoxification process. I also saw a tip from Emine Ruston, Psychologies Wellness Director, in the latest edition of the magazine. She mixes Weleda birch juice with chilled water and adds a few sprigs of thyme, putting an interesting twist to the overall taste and igniting my own non-alcohol cocktail kitchen experimentation. For the second of third year in a row I also start adding The Organic Pharmacy ‘Elixir of Life Tincture’ to my drinking water, which allows me to feel perkier than I otherwise would in March. It contains organic Polygonum, Gotu Kola, Ashwaganda and Siberian Ginseng, known for its natural energising properties. You can read more about ingredients and the role they play here.

Aromatherapy: While I work, I keep Michelle Roques O’Neil‘s latest launch, ‘Crystal Clear’, which is a modern take on smelling salts, next to my laptop on my desk. Michelle infused pink crystals with a combination of essential oils that help to revive your body and mind, bringing back focus to the whirring mind. Her ‘Energy Lift’ rollerball comes handy when I feel like my energy is flagging, while I am in the meetings or out and about and no possibility for calm. This one works quite quickly and I now sometimes wear it as natural perfume, applying it behind my ears, on the temples and wrists.

I believe that in order for the change to happen – whether it concerns how you feel, look, work or live your life, you need to take action. In my own experience, determination to change things is half the battle, the other one comes from taking small, conscious steps towards the horizons that you envisage for yourself.

P.s. None of the brands featured in this post are in any way affiliated with me. I chose and paid for every single product myself, without notifying the brand in advance

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