Spring’s edition of ABOVE

I finally got my hands on the latest edition of ABOVE magazine (I mentioned it in one of my earlier posts this year) and it doesn’t disappoint. You have Luciano Benettonand his Green star certified Tribu boat, you have ‘kind’ cashmere from Aymara knitwear, an article on the new, modernist homes by Marmol Radziner-really cool idea by the way!-, interview with unstoppable and ever evolving Philippe Starke and the beautifully smart Elettra Wiedemann,accompanied by unusual photos Bettina Rheims-and believe me, I keep an eye on fashion spreads daily .) Then there is Cecilia Rodhe, who sculpts something very cool and so much more, I hardly scratched the surface of the volume.

I like this magazine because it combines cool layouts and photography with education mixed with thought provoking pieces-what more can you ask for to keep you curious and make you more aware of the world on a wider scale?

My only complaint is that I can’t buy this magazine at any of my local newsagents and have to go to Selfridges in order to buy it. Can newsagents & magazine distributors take notice, as this magazine is truly a gem ?    


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