S/S 2012 collection preview from Key Leaf

Sometimes an exciting invitation lands on my desk, yet I simply can’t attend the event for reasons ranging from previous commitments to not beingKeyleaf able to get a baby-sitter, so when I received an invitation from Claudia and Adriana Chaparro Pignalosa, two sisters who created one of my favourite brands, KeyLeaf, to attend their presentation at Somerset House during London Fashion week, I exhaled and resigned myself to having to wait for January of next year, when the new collection will become available but Claudia kindly invited me to their London showroom last week before the collection glamorously jet-setted to  be presented in New York.

Well, all I can say that with every collection girls seem to surpass themselves with inspiration and creativity that leads to a truly beautiful yet modern pieces that you enjoy wearing every year-their prints are so beautiful, they will make you smile on a gloomy autumn or winter day in London, guaranteed.

Key-Leaf’s S/S 2012 Insects collection is the brand’s biggest and  you will be truly spoiled for choice-there are dresses, jumpsuits (until now I didn’t owe one but I have already placed an order for the ‘Palm Beach’one-one word for it-stunning!), tops, shorts, scarves, trousers, capris, slips, play-suits, tunics and blousons. Add to that bikinis and swimsuits and my personal favourite, lingerie (hurray !), comprising 100% silk satin slips, camis & briefs that feel so luxurious on your skin, you are ready to wear them non-stop-honestly, La Perla can now rest on the dusty shelf as far as I am concerned.

Having spent an hour in girls gracious company, I was truly overwhelmed by the vividness of their prints, the colour beaming fromKeyLeaf2 the rails and the sexiness of the designs-Key-Leaf pieces make you feel like a sexy goddess in a subtly understated way. I fell in love with a long ‘Egypt’ dress from Key Leaf’s first ready-to-wear collection but unfortunately it didn’t suit my body shape-to wear it I need to be at least ten cm higher but what a beautiful dress to wear to a ball or a special event-you will look like no one else for sure.

 What I also like about Key Leaf designs is that they are very comfortable to wear and they seem to accentuate one’s femininity but girls design with practicality in mind too, so you can easily run with your kids, shop with your girlfriends or go dancing in them. Adriana and Claudia think of the length of each piece or the line where the sleeve hits your arm, where to put a slit, so it makes you feel sexy yet looks stylish or the way that bikini meets your skin and accentuates you good points while hiding the little flaws we all have.

In previous collections most of the dresses or tunics were a 100% silk, but now girls make most of their pieces in 100% silk satin, 100% silk crepe or cotton silk blend and 100% silk chiffon. They pay attention to little details like where to position the button or put a contrasting ribbon to accentuate the shape or length of a certain piece. Some pieces have 20s, 30s and 40s as a reference and some look slightly Pucci-ish yet every piece that Adriana and Claudia create remains original and I lost count on how many compliments I get from both sexes when I wear their pieces.

Key-Leaf scarves, which girls added to their collection last year, are made in modal, silk chiffon  or 100% twill and their quality and originality make them timeless and suit a woman of any age really.

So now all I have to do, while waiting for 2012 to arrive and bring me my new Key Leaf pieces, is to keep up my fitness regime-and Key Leaf sexy designs are a pretty good incentive to keep one motivated.  


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