S/S 2013 collection preview from KeyLeaf

I have known Claudia and Adriana, the loveliest women, as well as an amazing design team ( they are sisters but they complement each other so well professionally, it’s always a joy to watch the two of them in action ) behind KeyLeaf for a few years now, but they surprise me every time they launch a new collection.


Their prints ( Adriana is responsible for them ) are simply stunning, bursting with vibrant colours that wake up your senses by just looking at them , as well as the designs ( Claudia takes care of that side of the business ) that are not only sexy and flattering but well thought out too. You have clever strategic slits, clever skimming shapes that enhance when needed and hide what you don’t want to put on the show.


KeyLeaf‘s new collection for spring/summer 2013 has been inspired by rainforests and spiders, as well as reptiles and when you enter KeyLeaf’s new showroom in Notting Hill ( next to Cafe Respiro, which makes perfect coffee and has the sweetest staff ) you don’t know where to look, as you eyes dart from tunics to dresses, from blouses to skirts, from kaftans to jumpsuits. And the trouble is ( for your bank account .) not for your on-trend fashion sense ) that you are truly spoilt for choice! The girls design practical, wearable clothes that make you pretty, whatever you are doing-going to the beach, attending a business meeting ( KeyLeaf designs are particularly great for women who work in creative industries, like arts, theatre, design or fashion ) or a lunch with your girlfriend, as well as easily taking you to a glamorous party or making you feel very chic, while out doing the errands or the school run. You have short dresses and long dresses, demure designs and sexier ones, with sleets at skirting level that allow the leg to peak out or exposing your back line. You also find feminine touches, like the dress pockets edged with pretty ribbon detailing or the smart pleating in skirts. 


You can also find the pieces that would work in autumn/winter, with KeyLeaf blouses not only designed with long sleeves and variety of neck lines to suit both slim, as well as busty ladies, but also by mixing silk with twill or satin crepe-those combinations make the blouses slightly warmer, compared to silk ones, perfectly suitable for spring/summer. You can also have the buttons at the end of the sleeve, as well as the elastic band, so you can pull your sleeves up and feel very comfortable-almost like a two in one design-more demure-long sleeve, slightly tomboyish or flirty, pull the sleeve up a little bit to expose your wrists.


KeyLeaf designs are hard to resist, because they are colourful and soulful, they make you feel womanly but not pretentious, they flow and caress your skin and it’s the best sensation you can have when you are wearing a dress or a tunic or a jumpsuit.


You can choose a more flirty, shorter design if you are a young girl or go for a nice dress or tunic if you are in your 50s- the overall effect will be stunning and the added bonus is that you will feel comfortable while wearing the KeyLeaf pieces.


Another added bonus is that the designs can be slightly altered in size to perfectly fit you and on occasion KeyLeaf runs promotions when you can choose the design and the fabric that you want, so it will be completely custom made for you.


KeyLeaf collection is available for viewing by appointment only at KeyLeaf showroom in Notting Hill:

KEY LEAF and e j k Atelier Showroom, 33 Kensington Park Road, London W11 2EU


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