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jigsawThis past year, like any before it, gave us many fashionable trends, some realistic, some not at all so, some that will linger and some that will disappear without trace.

One of those trends with a staying power has been the star motive on clothes and accessories-just think about the latest Ugg collaboration with Jimmy Choo as a latest example.

My own ‘downfall’ arrived in the form of a Jigsaw bag that I glimpsed on a page of a magazine . Jigsawis not a shop that I pop into often, mainly because the styles don’t suit either my shape or my style, but as they say, many people, many opinions, and thank god for that.

I popped into my local branch but unfortunately they were sold out of the ‘Star Cluster tote bag’ that I was looking for, but the sales person, a pretty and very sweet girl called Emily, suggested that she calls another store, to see if they had it, especially as they had a 50% off bags promotion that weekend.

I am not going to bore you with the long story of how I got my hands on that bag, but let me just say that Emily turned out to be a sales superstar, diligent and efficient, who actually went out of her way to acquire this particular bag for me. 

It is stylish and beyond trends, I wear it either on my shoulder or slotted across, if I want my hands to be free, it fits many things in but best of all, it makes me smile. And that is not a bad look to be walking about with .)

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