Subscribe or not subscribe?

I read many magazines in four languages every month but in the last year I have created a triple division between them-I buy some from the newsagent, some arrive on my doorstep via subscription and the last few arrive on my Ipad via Zinio’s digital subscription.

The ones on Ipad are Russian, French, Spanish and American versions and they definitely save quite a few trees from being cut. I have ‘paper version’ subscriptions to Red, British Bazaar and Vanity Fair but in the last month Bazaar’s subscription cost me ‘double’ as the one on the stand came with a choice of three Leighton Denny nail polishes while subscribers weren’t entitled to those. I guess the ‘catch’ of the subscription is that because you save money, you gift often isn’t included, hence saving on postage costs-after all, the free cheese is only available in the mousetrap .)

This month you can also get the following freebies:Gifts

– free sunglasses with BritishTatler ( I will pass on those ones),

– Jemma Kidd’s lip-gloss with Red (thank you subscription department, mine arrived safely),

 Garance Dore’s illustrated Reiss tank top with British Elle-as I love Garance’s illustrations, I got greedy and bought three copies so I can have the t-shirt in beige, grey and blue.

-£5 Body shop card with Instyle magazine

Inika mineral eye liner or eye-shadow with British Marie Claire.

So, my question is this, does one save money and has the convenience of the subscription magazine sometimes landing on your doorstep earlier than on the newsstand or do you skip to the shop and get the printed version with the gift? No such dilemma with British versions of Vogue,  Traveller or Vanity Fair, as they never gift you anything other than content inside. Decisions, decisions one has to make .)

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