Summer reflections

Life is full of unexpected turns, one day you are full of joy and elation , the next storm clouds gather and you feel lost and scared, not sure which way to turn. The joy though, always lies in the fact that rain gets replaced by rainbows or sunshine and you should never lose sight of the big picture and your place in the Universe.


My summer break has allowed me to disengage a little, voluntarily, from the worries and obligations of daily life and enjoy the simple pleasures of life: the scenery of France passing by during a car journey, the beauty of church bells chiming late at night in total silence of the surroundings, the amazing hospitality extended by the owners of the Chateau in Auvergne and the most beautifully laid out breakfast table in the morning, the mesmerising sea line in the evening, the sweetness of hot, freshly made churros in a small town in Spain, the wild beauty of the waves that make you feel the rath of nature and its strength at the same time….. I managed without much effort on my part to slow down my rhythm in some ways. Don’t get me wrong-I still wrote and checked my Twitter feed and e-mails, just not as often as I normally would and I surprised myself by how much I needed and loved the feeling of calm that descended on me. I read, I swam, I spent time with the loved ones and one disappointing  evening out turned into surprising news the next day that my best friend, whom I haven’t seen for a while because of her move to Europe,  will come and spend a few days with me and my family.


So my dear readers, my advice to you, post vacation is simple-take time to slow down, switch off and listen to the sound of the rain or the birds singing outside. Clear your head, smile and stop thinking that if you check your e-mails less frequently the world will stop turning or that you will miss out. It is so important to be connected to nature in order to remember who you are, what drives and motivates you and what makes you special. Enjoy the sensation of the grass or sand grains between your toes and feel your heart feel with peaceful joy of just being.

1 thought on “Summer reflections

  1. Dear Galina,
    I agree entirely with your advice. Whenever I go away, I switch off my mobile. I want to be fully present wherever I am and immerse completely myself in my new surroundings. Time away means just that and I too feel being in nature is replenishing and restorative. When I can I also love to take solitary walks in Hyde Park to blow away all the cobwebs and enjoy the changes that come with each new season.
    Sarah Jane

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