Summer scrubbing with Skin and Tonic

Summer wakes up our mind and senses and calls for some gentle action when it comes to the care we give to our body – something that we often leave on the back burner, unlike our skincare. Conveniently, British beauty brand Skin and Tonic just launched it’s first bodycare product – a Sea Salt Body Scrub – and I have been putting it to ‘vigorous’ use.

The scrub arrived in a chic silver sealable pouch, which makes it easy to use in the shower or bath and is practical to take with you on your travels or a holiday. Blending together sustainably harvested, mineral-rich Atlantic sea salt with certified organic bergamot, spearmint and rose oil, it makes a lovely first impression, but will it stand the rigorous efficiency test?

Some information about the ingredients, to start with:

Irish Sea Salt

The team has worked hard to source sustainably harvested, non-oxidised sea salt. Due to its sealed extraction from deep currents in the Atlantic Ocean, it contains lots of rich minerals and micronutrients that help to eliminate toxins and hydrate the skin.

Bergamot Oil

This beautiful, certified organic bergamot oil is cold-pressed from the rind of the fruit. Grown mainly in Southern Italy, this sweet, fresh citrus oil is widely used in perfumery. Fun fact: It takes 1,500kg of bergamot to produce 1 kilo of oil!

Rose Oil

Luxurious Rose Centifolia flower oil helps to even skin tone and balance skin moisture levels, whilst soothing away anxiety. Did you know rose is a natural anti-depressant? Nurture and nourishment for both body and soul

Spearmint Oil

Milder than peppermint, this antibacterial oil enlivens and invigorates the skin, helping to stimulate circulation. Spearmint’s fresh aroma will also help to clear headaches and de-stress the mind.

List of ingredients:

Sodium chloride (sea salt), Vitis vinifera (grape) seed oil*, Citrus aurantium bergamia (bergamot) fruit oil*, Mentha spicata (spearmint) leaf oil*, Prunus amygdalus dulcis (almond) oil*, Lavandula angustifolia (lavender) flower oil*, Rose centifolia (rose) flower extract

*= Certified Organic

How to use:

  1. Massage onto clean skin all over your body, leave for a minute or two, allowing the deeply nourishing oils to hydrate your skin, before rinsing off in the shower.
  2. For the ultimate detoxifying treatment, apply the scrub to your body and then relax in a warm bath, allowing the sea salt and essential oils to fully diffuse and absorb into your skin.

After opening the pouch and examining the contents, I was initially a little bit sceptical (and I say that as someone who has been a fan and supporter of the brand from the beginning). The scrub itself looked like a slightly moist, small particled salt – ‘hm’ I said out loud and left the silver pouch on my shower shelf until the evening. When the day came to an end and my ninjas were finally asleep, I applied the scrub to my dry skin, starting at the soles of my feet and worked upwards. Because of the the size of scrub’s particles, it felt gentle on the skin and left it feeling soft. No redness, no irritation. In actual fact the whole process turned into a quiet meditation and gratitude for the wonder that is our daily functioning body. We often take it for granted, paying more attention to our faces and yet it is our bodies who make us move and make dreams, careers and families a reality.

After the scrub is washed off the skin, it feels lovingly soft and the effect remains when you pat it dry with the towel. So much so, that on every occasion that I have used it since (I tend to scrub the body twice a week on average), I don’t apply a cream or oil to my body. And when I wake up in the morning it continues to feel soft to the touch. A body scrub that also nurtures and moisturises the skin – comes handy, when you pack your beauty products for a summer holiday!

I also want to mention a delicately uplifting scent that tickles the nose and charms the senses. It feels very summery, but I can see myself having baths with it in the colder months, allowing my body to relax, without feeling drowsy, and get some much needed TLC. Scents of course are very personal, but at the time when many body products have overwhelmingly strong scents, I find gentler ones much more attractive.

P.s I purchased this scrub myself & am likely to make a repeat purchase.

Overall impression: Gentle and efficient body, skin & nose charmer

Skin & Tonic Sea Salt Body Scrub, 300g, £20

To find out more about Skin & Tonic, please click here 

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