Sun protection from Ren

Finally, the sun is out and most of us are enjoying the lightness, the brightness and the hotness of it. That said, it’s very important to remember that sun not only makes us feel good, giving us vitamin D, and pretty, as our skin develops a nice, sun-kissed look, but unprotected sun rays during its most active phase, from 11am till 3pm, can lead to skin cancer, which kills many people.

In addition to drinking enough fluids, add a good, lighter consistency ( than in cold months ) face cream to your morning beauty routine and put Ren’s Photoactive Sun Veil SPF 15 on top of it. The light texture sinks in quickly but it offers your face and neck a medium UVB and UVA protection.


This micro-mineral sunscreen also fights free radicals ( thanks to fluorophores ) and takes the beneficial light energy for a targeted effect ( boosting elastin and revitalising the skin ) that gives your post-winter complexion radiance and even skin tone, without leaving a greasy residue on your skin. It contains micro zinc, antileukine, fluorophores from noni extract and vitamin E and makes a perfect base for make-up application but even if you decided to have a ‘make-up free’ day, your skin will not only be protected from harmful sun rays, it will be glowing with health.

REN Photoactive Sun Veil SPF 15, £26 for 50 mls

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