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By nature of what I do, I look at brands and products through the prism of their creators, brand founders. It is one thing to read about the brand and try the product, it adds a completely different dimension when you see the person or team behind the brand, understand what drives them, what lies at the heart of the brand and how they view the process of product development. Armed with this knowledge, having looked behind the glass facade, I try to give you, my readers, a 365 degree overview. Earlier this year a new natural skincare brand emerged, boxed in white packaging with gloriously colourful stripe swinging around it, like an artist’s brushstrokes. Simply called ‘Supernatural Beauty‘, it was founded by a husband and wife team – with Tyron dealing with the business side of things, while Jenny is responsible for the creative process. Having met Jenny at Content in March, beaming with joy and sharing her knowledge, I found it hard to believe that this woman, with beautiful skin and beaming smile, is also a mother of four, all under the age of ten & that she had skin problems in the past. If that is not super power of achievement, I don’t know what is.


Supernatural Beauty launched itself with six products, all with unique smells and textures, unlike the ones already on the market. There is the gentle Genesis Cleanser developed with sensitive skin in mind, the Glorious Cleansing Balm for spot prone skin, Miracle Balm that will help heal, sooth and protect the skin, Salvation Oil for eczema and roseate suffered, Redemption Face Oil suitable for all skin types and Righteous Body Butter that offers intense moisturising. Thus far, I have tried three out of six products and thought I would share my experience with you, aided by tips from Jenny, giving you perfect insights into each product and its uses.


Genesis Cleanser: this organic oil blend promises to remove all impurities, as well as make-up from your skin, while also nourishing your skin and helping to keep its PH in balance. You can use this oil morning and night, but I prefer to use it in the morning, to wake my skin and my senses up with the help of its uplifting smell and gentle cleansing power. I believe that if you start the day right, it will follow a positive path thanks to your mindset, irrespective of what occurs later. This pure oil works well on all skin types, but is particularly well suited to dry, mature or sensitive skin.

Apply one pump to dry skin, spreading it all over your face, apart from the eye area, in the upward motion, leave on for a few minutes, while your brush your teeth and then cleanse away with a warm flannel.  The skin feels supple and soft and is beautifully prepped for further skincare application, followed by make-up, if you wear it.


I was delighted to notice that this oil doesn’t have too many ingredients, which can sometimes irritate sensitive skin. You have the powers of apricot, kernel, castor seed, wheat germ and geranium flower oils, as well as lavender extract, geraniol, limonene, linalool, citral and citronellol. Combined, they help to balance oil production ( helpful, if you are a teen or have oily skin ), protects skin’s own sebum, makes the complexion smoother and imparts anti-bacterial power as well.

What I particularly like is the ‘slippy’ texture of this cleansing oil, which allows for very efficient facial massage, which, if done daily, even for a couple of minutes, will help your face look plumper, more even and will add the glow to your skin. Facial massage is like exercise for your body, done consistently ( and let’s be honest, unlike sport, facial massage doesn’t require too much time or special effort ) it improves your skin and gives you confidence in the way you look.


Top tips from Jenny Cupido: once a week, make time for some special skin pampering. Apply this cleanser to your face and keep it on, while you watch TV, do the dishes or ironing. Your skin will feel sleek and smooth, thanks to the good nutrients contained in this oil. As it is a super gentle product, you might find it helpful to use it on days when skin feels dull, tired or irritated. Then take it off your skin and you are ready for restorative sleep ( I can add from myself here that when I follow this tip, I actually often don’t apply anything to my skin afterwards, waking up to a calm and radiant complexion ).


If your children are older than two years old, you can put a little of this oil on a cotton pad, right before their bathtime and cleanse their faces, if they did sports or have been particularly sweaty. A little goes a long way (!) and then just wipe it off their faces with a warm muslin or bamboo cloth – a little extra gesture of love and care, helping to bond with your little one. Or suggest it to your teen daughter, if she has started using make-up or is becoming g interested in learning to look after her skin. Beauty is in little details and teaching your child to look after his or her skin is part of the education that will help them feel good about themselves and build their confidence for the future.

Glorious Cleansing Balm: this citrus-smelling exfoliating balm had me at hello, when I lifted its lead and inhaled. A product that I can use daily to brighten, tighten and tone? Yes please ! Jenny says it is suitable for normal, combination and even oily/acne prone skin & it helps to fight bacteria and blemishes ). I like the fact that it has a water-free formula and perfectly lifts away even thicker, party make-up, while nurturing the skin before diving under the bedsheets.


As we get older, our skin’s regenerative process starts to slow down, which affects brightness, plumpness and luminosity of our skin, so a gently exfoliating balm can help you look after your skin, if you are older than 35, beautifully and help your skin look more youthful in appearance.

Scoop a little of this balm with the spatula out of the jar, warm up for a minute between your fingers, inhaling its uplifting aroma and apply in circular motion all around your face and neck, but avoiding the eye area. Leave for a few minutes, to allow the oils to work their magic on drawing the impurities out, as you shower or brush your teeth or hair, then cleanse away with a muslin cloth, rinse it and repeat, making sure your skin is perfectly clean. It always delights me at the end of a tiring day, making my evening skincare routine relaxing and uplifting.


Jenny’s tips: you can use this balm to take off mascara – just make sure you apply it gently, so it doesn’t get into your eyes and wipe it off gently. Coconut esther, one of this balm’s ingredients, helps to remove deminzecone, which most mascaras contain, quite efficiently, while coconut and castor oils actually help to nourish your eyelashes, so they grow thicker.


Jenny Cupido’s insights: there has been some controversy over the use of coconut oil on your face, but I believe that it is a diverse ingredient that works well in cleansers, but maybe not so much when it is on the list of the ingredients of a face cream. For example, if you are not happy with the size of you pores, this cleanser can work as a mask, which is pore-minimising. Just apply it and leave it on for about five to ten minutes and examine your face in the mirror closely after cleaning it off.

Redemption Face Oil: I received this face oil as a ‘side-kick’, when I ordered my Genesis Cleanser. With its delicate, flowery smell, it was developed to bring redemption to dull skin, helping to balance, restore and smooth it. By penetrating quickly into the epidermis, it leaves your skin smooth and soft to the touch and acts as a perfect canvas for make-up. It also nurtures skin beautifully overnight, as you get your restorative sleep. When it comes to ingredients, you will find several with incredible benefits: Rosehip and CO2 extract are bursting with powerful antioxidants that will protect your skin from any free radical damage, working on a cellular level to repair damaged cells and prevent wrinkles.  Another added bonus in terms of ingredients is the exquisite Rose Otto Damask, chosen for its superior cell-repairing and collagen boosting abilities, as well as its hypnotic scent.


I really like its light, almost like the morning dew on the grass, texture of this face oil, yet it feels really nourishing and rich on the skin, sinking quickly into it. Jenny also included Abyssinian Oil, which adds radiant luminosity to skin with high levels of omega 9 and works like silicone, blurring lines and pores, making skin look healthy and beautiful.

You can use this oil with serum powers morning and night. Warm a couple of drops of oil in your fingertips and massage onto cleansed face, neck and decolletage working in circular upward motions to boost circulation. By breathing in indulgent aroma you affect your mindset in a positive way, while massage adds daily benefits to the way you skin looks long-term.


Jenny’s tips: you can add a few drops to your foundation, as well as warm a couple of drops in your hands and spread gently to your hair, from mid-length downwards, to the tips. You can also groom your eyebrows with it or add it on top of your make-up for dewy finish or dot it on the areas of your face that feel dry during the day.

For me, Supernatural Beauty turned out to be one of the most exciting brand discoveries thus far this year, as Jenny and Tyron’s joy and passion are genuinely contagious, while products packaging will elicit a smile when placed on your bathroom shelves and the long-term benefit for your skin and mind are bound to appeal to women of various ages. Added bonus is an open dialogue with the brand, which is always happy to share tips, insights and advice tailored to each customer individually.

For more information on Supernatural Beauty, please click here

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