Sustainability Ethos In Beauty

More and more beauty brands are starting to realise that alongside efficacy and novelty in formulations, sustainability ethos is not only an important, but a powerful tool in their marketing arsenal.

Sustainability in Beauty is a choice

Do you remember plastic spatulas that used to accompany pots of face creams? What was their aim? Well, in theory, to prevent you from introducing bacteria into your skincare by dipping not so clean fingers into the pot. In practise most of those spatulas ended up simply being chucked without a second thought into the rubbish bin. So far, so wasteful.

Then brands like AMLY introduced a wooden spatula to accompany its lush cleansing balm and mask, BLOOMEFFECTS launched a tulip-shaped metal one (that can double up as a ‘light’ face tapper for boosting circulation and allowing skincare to work more efficiently for your skin. ODACITE launched a multi-tasking tool late last year – a metal acupressure face massager that doubles up as a face cream or mask scooper. And last week I noticed that OSKIA SKINCARE launch a Rose Quartz Spatula and Facial Tool. In its quest to reduce the single use plastic, the brand no longer provides plastic spatulas with their products. The new spatula also promises to boost the process of lymphatic drainage and circulation – god knows how much more stagnant most of us have been feeling of late (both emotionally and physically), with lockdown bringing more sedately lifestyle through no will of our own. But to have small tools like that at your disposal might not only make you feel more environmentally responsible when it comes to beauty consumption – it can also have a more positive impact on your skin and its appearance.

Amy’s Sleep Tight Rejuvenating Face Balm

My only word of caution here would be to check the provenance when it comes to the sourcing of the crystals from which some of those tools are made – too many are manufactured in China with no tangible guarantee of quality, provenance and safeguarding workers rights. Something that might not be obvious, but quite important when it comes to choices you as consumer make. After all you have an incredible power in your hands when ‘voting’ with your wallet and supporting brands whose principles alight with your own life philosophy.

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