5 x 15 or how to keep one’s brain fresh

When you are looking after kids full time or are working from home, your social skills might take a beating and your brain might go stale- women who are stuck doing routine tasks will understand what I am talking about. But what if that doesn’t work for you, what if you want to continue being ‘current’ and social and you want your brain to be creatively stimulated?

I have found a perfect solution and I would highly recommend it to any man or woman for that matter. Intelligence Squared organises events called 5 x 15, where interesting people talk about a chosen subject for yes, you guessed it, 15 minutes. The latest event, that I attended, took place in Notting Hill, at a place called Tabernacle where you sit comfortably on your own or with a girlfriend or friends, have a lovely Spanish snack and a glass of wine and listen to completely different people talk about politics, life, humour, music, economics, books-the possibilities are endless as are the subjects for stimulating conversation.

The evening started with a beautiful and self-depreciating, albeit the chosen subject-history of political assassinations-Fatima Bhutto, niece of belated Benazir. She talked about political dynasties, politics and violence, the unique silence when it comes to violence in Pakistan and the nuclear power that has deprived the country of resources and where polio remains uneradicated.

She was followed by a very dapper

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