Organic Burst supplements and why you will enjoy taking them

Supplements, supplements, they seem to be peppering more and more conversations between my girlfriends. What do you take for energy, skin brightness, for the hair, for losing weight-it goes on and on and to be fair, it is so easy to trip and to loose track. The supplement market is already saturated and new ones seem to be constantly popping up, it feels like it is becoming trend, rather than health led. So how do you get to choose the ones that are really good? Well, by trial and error and definitely seeking doctor’s advice prior to taking anything, if you are on regular medication.

I am not fickle when it comes to supplements nor do I abuse them-after all, if you eat a varied diet with fresh fruit and veg, in theory you should be getting all the necessary vitamins from your diet. However pollution, eating on the run, succumbing to consuming too many sweet or salty snacks or drinks when tired or stressed play havoc with our moods, bodies and our gut absorption, so the end result is that we often feel under par but aren’t sure what to take for our voes.

Through trial and error I found things that work for me, like Collagen Shots or Bodyism  supplements for example, but until recently I wasn’t a big fan of supplements like wheatgrass or spirulina, simply because they either smelled unpleasant or tasted disgusting. One might choose to suffer in the name of beauty but none were worthy in my opinion.

A fellow blogger’s tweets ( yes, social media can and is helpful on occasion, so thank you Danny Stokes ) about a multi-award winning superfood supplement Organic Burst grabbed my attention, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The brand was launched in the latter part of 2011 ( as the brand’s founder Ekaterina Igumentseva told me, she and her business partner ‘loved the amazing health effects of superfoods but could not find good quality products in London-hence Organic Burst was born’ ) and already has won many fans, from regular people like yours truly, to celebrities and people who know a thing or two about their supplements and nutritional needs.


Organic Burst makes five supplements:

Baobab ( feel alive ), powder, 70g, £8.29

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