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Beauty Heroes: a monthly subscription box unlike others

I have never been a giant fan of beauty boxes, as most of them generally contain the products that I already know of or have been using but there are always exceptions to the rule, so when Sarita Coren, who runs one of the most visually beautiful and insightful blogs Edible Facial in the US put Beauty Heroes ( they used to be called Spa Heroes ) on my radar, I was intrigued to get in touch with the founder, Jeannie Jarnot.


Jeannie, who worked as spa director and healthy beauty expert, decided to create a monthly subscription box, rotating between skin, body, sun and haircare products and allowing you to discover products that harnesses the power of safe and potent ingredients. Each month a beauty brand is chosen and you receive two products, a full-sized one and its side-kick, so you end up with a value of more than US$ 39 that you pay, plus a chance to get safe ingredients directory, helpful tips and insights into brands that might not have been on your beauty radar but deserve to be. Jeanie and her team believe and focus on the fact that ingredients in your beauty products should be benefit you, be ethically sourced and effective. The fact that you get a full-sized product allows you to take time in trialling the brand and seeing, if it is effective for your needs, instead of dipping in and out of different products during the month.


Luckily Beauty heroes box has now extended its shipping to Europe and even Russia, so you don’t need to be left out, as the extra postage of US$15 is more than reasonable. In my case, I ended up paying extra taxes upon receipt but Jeannie addressed this issue straight away, so you don’t have to worry on this account.

My Beauty Heroes started with a discovery of a brand about which I haven’t heard previously of – Previse . My August box contained Previse Epidermis Plus Pre-sun Solution ( step 3.0 Defend ), that was created to help prevent sun damage from daily sun exposure, while aiding in the protection of skin cells, collagen density and elasticity over time, as well as Oil Free Tonicstep 2.0 Nutrify ) that promises to help lighten and brighten the skin.


Previse Skincare, meaning ‘ to know or see in advance’ was founded by an environmentalist Sean Patrick Harrington. Instead of focussing just on the skin type, using patient genetics and behaviour via online questionnaire, an optimal skincare regiment is determined in order to keep skin healthy, resilient and glowing. According to Sean Patrick ‘people often forget that excessive UV exposure & aggressive ingredients damage the dermis’. Working with medical experts Previse evaluates 11 key characteristics including baseline melanin, geographical location where you live and skincare history, so apothecary products can be customised according to skin type. As a brand Previse considers an individual rather than broad demographics when recommending skincare regiment based on fresh, hand-crafted, small batch products, which is divided between six skin levels, from one to six. You can also examine the UV index online, ranging from 1, extremely low to 11+, which is extreme.

Previse researches ingredients and those that come out as either showing tendency to be carcinogenic or the science on them is inconclusive or are harmful to ecosystems are simply not included in the formulations..

When I received my Beauty Heroes box is was beautifully and brightly packaged and included a personalised note, a magnifying glass, cute red mask, Beauty heroes Pocket Guide on Ingredient Intelligence ( your little helper on ‘superpower’ ones, as well as well as ‘villains’ ), a guide on Previse Skincare plus the two products I mentioned earlier – the overall effect is of overwhelming thoughtfulness and attention to detail, helping you to have an educational experience, while enjoying the process of discovery of new products and brand.


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