Second Chances – how Bobbi Brown decided NOT to rest on her laurels

I think Bobbi Brown is one of those remarkably successful women, who many of us can, at least internally, relate to without feeling intimidated by the scope of her professional achievements. She is read more

‘Live’ chats with Bobbi Brown make-up artists

If you have any make-up questions or not sure about make-up application before an important event or simply want to learn newBB tricks or skills but can’t get to Bobbi Brown counter, the make-up queen has the solution for you. Now you have the option of an online chat with her fully trained make-up artists, who will answer any of your pressing beauty concerns or will recommend the latest products to suit your skin tone or event that are you planning to attend.

Alternatively, if you are pressed for time and can’t chat but do need urgent make-up advice, e-mail your questions and the team will aim to reply within a 24-48 hour window of opportunity, if not quicker. My love for Bobbi Brown couldn’t get an bigger, but I think it just did!

Bobbi Brown video: 10 step make-up lesson

For me, Bobbi Brown is the goddess of make-up, be it her products or make-up books and tutorials-her advice is always realistic, quick and delivers great results, that’s why I thought I would share with you a ten step ( very quick ones ) make-up application video from Bobbi herself:

The only thing that I do, in addition to what she suggests in her video, is spray my face with Caudalie’s beauty elixir after I complete my make-up application-it makes my face feel well moisturised, it smells beautiful, lifting my spirits and makes my make-up stay without straying .) through the day.

Liberty’s of London+Bobbi Brown+Bruce Webber

I have been using Bobbi Brown’s make-up from the moment her brand has landed on the UK shores (in other words-a lifetime almost, as I seem to be growing up with the brand and hopefully getting more sophisticated in my make-up application) and BB2since then my loyalty has never wavered-from her books to her make-up and application techniques, I never found any other make-up artist who can make the ‘natural look’ so glamorous yet beautifully current and classy.

This year Bobbi celebrates her 20th anniversary and as one of the way’s to commemorate the occasion Bruce Webber, an extraordinarily talented master of photography produced a film called ‘Bobbi Brown The Wisecracking Beauty Queen’ while Liberty’s of London went a step further and you can see a beautifully reproduced collage of pictures taken by Bruce Webber-he not only captures the moment, he just creates the most natural looking, sunny photographs ever-at Bobbi’s make-up counter.

While I was there, admiring the pictures, I also got talking to one of BB’s make-up girls about theBB new foundation to hit their counter called

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Foundation for any time of the year or my favourite multi-tasker from Bobbi Brown

A foundation can make your look luminous or accentuate the things you want to hide, so choosing a perfect one for yourself will always be  a challenge, no matter how saturated a beauty market is-and I should know, I have trialled a few .)

The one I am going to tell you about is my ultimate secret but it’s definitely worth sharing and comes from one of my favourite make-up maestros, Mrs Bobbi Brown.

Bobbi Brown Extra SPF 25 tinted moisturising balm can be used every day:

-as a tinted moisturiser if you want slight coverage when going shopping or to the office or doing a school run-you will look casually groomed and luminous yet very natural.

-if you layer it a bit more, it will make your face look picture perfect or serve you well if you are going out for a dinner date.

-it protects your skin from aggressive sun rays yet you will still tan if you are wearing it during your holidays.

– it smells so good, it will lift your spirits by just opening the jar it is contained in.

-as the formulation is aimed at dry skin, you can use it instead of your usual moisturiser-if you are in a hurry in the morning for example-your skin will look and feel perfectly moisturised and polished ( it contains carrot oil & vitamin A extract ).

I also love the fact that it doesn’t disappear as the day wears off and you feel groomed without having to run to the bathroom to re-apply your make-up, so for all of the above reasons this is my ultimate beauty staple that I will remain faithful to for the foreseeable future.

The Balm comes in 8 shades and costs £33 for 30 mls ( it will last you a long time and my current shade, light to medium tint, has worked well through springtime to the summer, when I started getting more tanned).