Curiosity Gap Recommends: ‘Yang Sheng: The Art Of Chinese Self-healing’ by Katie Brindle

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How NOT to get overwhelmed by January

Since the first of January knocked on our door, I have been receiving a bountiful stream of e-mails about detoxing, healthy living and the way to help with New Year, New You resolutions. While I actually subscribed to those news alerts in the first place, I find that a few days in I am actually geting stressed and somewhat overwhelmed by those e-mails, that seem to pull me into different directions. Instead of too much information, I actually crave calm and focus! I don’t want a ‘new’ me – there was nothing wrong with the ‘old’ me in the first place, what I DO want is a better version of myself, the one that gets back on track of daily life after the festive indulgence, that I thoroughly enjoyed. Doing it quickly and taking on too much is a root to failure, so instead I am taking things slow and easing myself in gently into 2017.

Below are a few suggestions that I hope will resonate with you and if they don’t, please feel free to comment and share what works for YOU, making return to work and hectic schedules easier !

  • Start the day five minutes early, allowing yourself to meditate, dream or just enjoy

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Tara Stiles new book on how to be strong, focussed and ridiculously happy

I have been meaning to review this book for the last couple of weeks, but time seems to have run away from me, as I got too engrossed in the subject of politics. Finally, I am parked on the chair in front of my laptop and ready to tell you about Tara Stiles‘s fifth book, called ‘Strala Yoga: Be Strong, Focussed, Ridiculously Happy from the Inside Out’, which publication is very timely, as it focusses on helping you get your life back in balance with the help of a regular yoga practise. Last month Tara was in London teaching, with her baby bump noticeably bigger, yet it doesn’t seem to have slowed her down. She did appear more serene and somewhat mellower, with softer curves, guiding a large room of Strala devotees through a relaxing hour and a half class, but time was short and we didn’t get a chance to talk about the book, so my review is based purely on my own impressions after reading the book.


Often what we lack in daily life is ease, so the tension that builds up within our bodies squashes our intuitional, physical and mental abilities, as well as creativity. Instead of lingering and breathing through difficult moments, we go rigid and become more tense. Tara wrote this book with a specific aim of guiding you into practising Strala yoga at home, on your yoga mat on a regular basis, so you develop an air of serenity off the mat. We rush, we get angry and frustrated, the world seems to be tilting into the wrong direction and with that we feel somewhat lost in the sense of direction and stance we need to be taking. Our frustrations affect the kids and that only worsens the situation, so I thought I would share this review with you ahead of the festive rush, hopefully giving you an idea on the choice of the Christmas gift for yourself or your loved ones, who might innately crave calm, yet don’t know how to achieve it by themselves and without going to the gym.

Part One: Move With Ease


Here Tara talks about what inspired her to create Strala and what effect tension has on our bodies. You will discover basic principles that read more