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Summer scrubbing with Skin and Tonic

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Review of Rosalena Skincare

Having introduced you to Rosalena Skincare & it’s inspiring founders, Maja Griffith & Helena Chapman, in part one of my post about the brand, this post is logically dedicated to my review of the Face Oils & Mist that I have been using since September, after I attended Joanna Hynes‘s fashion show at the London Fashion Week, as Rosalena’s guest. It was made even more memorable not just by the initial conversation that I started with those two very talented & inspiring women, but by observing Helena in her unbridled enthusiasm, as she energetically sprayed models & the team working on the show with the uplifting Goodness & Tonic Face Mist. Calm, creativity and beauty reigned supreme!

Rosalena has four Face Oils for you to choose from, each with an original name: Love & Me, Rock & Rose, Beauty & the Beast, Frank & Sense. Each was developed to offer specific benefits to your skin, irrespective of your age. The decision ultimately lies with you, because you need to know your skin type & assert your skin’s needs by looking in the mirror each time you do your skincare routine, be it morning or evening. Oils used to get a really bad reputation, based on presumption that they clog your skin, but in the last few years things have been changing. Of course a lot depends on the quality, as well as the combination of ingredients in the one you choose to use, but generally speaking, oils help hydrate our skin and make it look more luminous when used on their.

Rosalena Love & Me Face Oil ( nourish & protect ), skin balancing, 15ml, £42

This was the first oil with which I started my discovery of Rosalena skincare and it remains one of my personal favourites within the range. Exterior packaging, by the way, is something that makes Rosalena stand out instantly. Each box has a bright colour, making one oil be instantly visually distinct from another. When you open the box and glance inside – hello yellow, purple, pink & reddish coral, depending on the oil you choose, not only there is a bottle with the product & a practical pipette to dispense the exact amount of oil for single use, there is also a brochure telling you about the range, specific oil, as well as ingredients. Knowledge at your fingertips makes life easier, that’s for sure, as well as helps you make better skincare choices for yourself.

‘A skin nurturing active formula for gentle hydration with natural beauty read more

Fancy a skin ‘trainer’ and mind guru from Nourish Skincare ?

If you follow me on social media or subscribe to my website you probably know that I work with Nourish skincare ( I am part of a team that is an exclusive distributor of this natural British brand in Russia and I believe in full disclosure when it comes to writing about products or brands on my website, so you know the full picture ). Having started using Nourish products pretty much since the official launch of the brand, I continue to do so as a consumer – in part because I like the products and because they work for my skin, in part because it is a necessary and pleasant part of my job, after all if I don’t try the products myself ( or have feedback from my testers ) how can I recommend it to you or write about it ?


Part of any beauty brand’s success in a very tightly saturated marketplace is the ability to never rest on its laurels and to respond to customer feedback and requests. Nourish used to have wonderful body butters for four different skin types ( Relax, Protect, Balance, Radiance ) but some of the customers found their packaging ( large glass jars with screw-on lids ) quite bulky. Pauline Hili, Nourish founder, always says that a customer is always at the forefront of her mind, hence the brand recently re-launched the body care products in the new, light, 100 mls airless pumps. You can still make your choice based on four skin types, your skin’s needs in the moment in time and depending on your sensory preference. The product is now called ‘Nutri-Rich Body Cream‘ and comes as a convenient 100mls bottle which you can easily put on a shelf of your bathroom, throw it in your gym bag or in your suitcase without the worry that it will spill. When you skincare comes in the jars with screw-on lids exposure to air can affect the efficacy and smell of the product so the new packaging puts this issue to rest as well.


I have been using two of Nourish Body creams in the last month: Protect in the morning or after the shower, post workout, as its uplifting citrus scent gives me a mental boost, while photo-active marine align and hyaluronic acid and peptides work on toning and smoothing my skin ( I call it nourishing my body with exercise and skincare, both inside and out ). In the evening, when I unwind and try to de-clutter my mind, Relax Body cream helps to sooth my tired limbs and soften the skin with Omega-rich borage and argan oils, while the natural scent of lavender helps to put me in a relaxed state of mind. One product acting as skin ‘trainer’ and mind guru is not bad, is it?


For more information about Nourish Skincare click here

Xmas Gift Ideas: festive sets from Aurelia Probiotic skincare

December is a busy time, as we all rush to have all the work commitments done alongside getting ready for parties and spending time with our loved ones. On top of that there are Christmas cards to be sent & gifts to be bought. So to inspire you here are two special gift sets from one of my favourite British beauty brands Aurelia Probiotic skincare.


Aurelia Probiotic skincare was only launched in 2013 but already has an impressive worldwide fan base & many awards, the most recent one being from CEW UK. Their products not only deliver lasting results & appeal to women of various ages but each has a unique smell as well, each formula inspiring our inner beauty and femininity. Just in time for Christmas Aurelia launched two limited editions of their Award-Winning products: a Complete Collection and an Indulgence Collection.


Aurelia Complete Collection

is a comprehensive set that includes an Eye Revitalising Duo alongside luxury miniatures of the whole range that will transform your skin with regular use and proper skincare routine (daily cleansing is a must is you want your skincare to work effectively).



Eye Revitalising Duo (full size)

Miracle Cleanser (15ml)

Refine & Polish Miracle Balm (15ml)

Revitalise & Glow Serum (5ml)

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