Wild for A.S. Apothecary Beauty Balm Concentrate

Sometimes it’s hard not to feel drowned in by the amount of new beauty launches and to choose wisely, not impulsively. But the older I become, the better I understand not just myself, but my skin & body needs, so they are the ones to dictate my skincare choices, not the marketing or advertising. As consumers we also develop affinity with certain brands, which makes us keep an eye on their new launches & A.S. Apothecary is one of those brands for me. Amanda Saurin‘s latest launch, Wild Beauty Balm Concentrate No.30 came about ‘over a series of months, meetings & musings’, including with yours truly. Once I tried one of Amanda’s early samples of the balm I was intrigued, after using the launched balm for about a couple of months, I can now say that it has become tightly woven into the fabric of my daily skincare routine.

Unscrew the lid, close your eyes & take a few deep, slow breaths, inhaling the indulgently flowery, uplifting scent that brings an almost instant feeling of calm & comfort. Open your eyes & continuing to take deep breaths, dip your finger into the smooth surface of the balm (and feel the satisfaction, as it sinks into a rich texture, releasing its aroma even more).

Amanda developed this balm over months, testing & refining it tirelessly, trying to create a product that will nurture not just your skin, but your soul as well. Several moons ago, when I visited Amanda in her studio in Lewes, well before she opened her beautiful store, I showed her a multipurpose balm that I use for healing the skin. I stock up on it in Moscow during my visits, as I came to rely on it due to its multiple purpose use, but it has a big minus, as its texture becomes too runny when it is warm, which led to quite a few accidents during my travels in the past. A lovely, but in someways imperfect product (and not 100% natural), which clearly gave Amanda some food for thought & the end result of her creative process continues to blow me away with its nurturing loveliness. As I was writing this post & exchanging e-mails with Amanda, it was important for me to incorporate her wise & creative voice into the conversation about this product, as noone understands the process behind its birth better than she does.

‘I also find ridiculous pleasure in opening the new pot and pressing my finger hard onto the surface, feeling it give way to reveal the soft buttery interior…’ read more

CRiL Reviews: Nourish Skin Renew Cleanser & Bodhi & Birch Desert Rose Facial Oil

With so many beauty products being continuously launched, it is somewhat reassuring to review products from the brands that I already know well. When I know brand’s background & ethos, it read more

Supernatural Beauty

By nature of what I do, I look at brands and products through the prism of their creators, brand founders. It is one thing to read about the brand and try the product, it adds a completely different dimension when you see the person or team behind the brand, understand what drives them, what lies at the heart of the brand and how they view the process of product development. Armed with this knowledge, having looked behind the glass facade, I try to give you, my readers, a 365 degree overview. Earlier this year a new natural skincare brand emerged, boxed in white packaging with gloriously colourful stripe swinging around it, like an artist’s brushstrokes. Simply called ‘Supernatural Beauty‘, it was founded by a husband and wife team – with Tyron dealing with the business side of things, while Jenny is responsible for the creative process. Having met Jenny at Content in March, beaming with joy and sharing her knowledge, I found it hard to believe that this woman, with beautiful skin and beaming smile, is also a mother of four, all under the age of ten & that she had skin problems in the past. If that is not super power of achievement, I don’t know what is.


Supernatural Beauty launched itself with six products, all with unique smells and textures, unlike the ones already on the market. There is the gentle Genesis Cleanser developed with sensitive skin in mind, the Glorious Cleansing Balm for spot prone skin, Miracle Balm that will help heal, sooth and protect the skin, Salvation Oil for eczema and roseate suffered, 

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Q & A with Danny Stokes and Scott Bentley, founders of Holistic Green Beauty Skincare

Before I review two out of four products later this week from the newly launched British natural skincare brand Holistic Green Beauty, founded by the green beauty blogger Danny Stokes and his business partner Scott Bentley, I thought I would give you a chance to get to know them, their brand and the passions that drive and inspire their creativity through the Q & A. I often find ‘niche’ brands more endearing, because there are real stories behind them that are more likely to resonate with you, as consumer, than another mass market beauty brand launch. Green beauty spotlight on:



Why did you decide to start your own brand of natural
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