Following fairy godmother’s advice: review of NCN Professional Multi-Active Peptide Matrixyl Serum 25%

Recently my fairy godmother of age-proofing and hydrating supplements Kathryn Denzey ( founder of Rejuvenated Ltd, which created my favourite liquid collagen supplement Collagen Shots, as well as recently launched H3O that works on hydrating your cells – if you haven’t tried those already, there is nothing like the present to give it a go ) recommended someone truly lovely to me. Her name is Katy and she is the founder of the website called ‘Treat the skin you’re in which has great videos and a blog where Katy talks about skincare, as well as sells NCN Professional products, one of which, Multi-active peptide matrixyl serum 25% I have been rigorously testing since the end of May.   


Katy has worked for Virgin Atlantic for 11 years but in time Katy noticed that her skin wasn’t looking its best and like any wise women started looking for solutions. Eventually she came across the brand NCN Professional Skincare and after using their products as a customer for three years she decided that she actually wanted to sell the products, having seen the difference they made to her skin.

Until Kathryn and Katy mentioned NCN I wasn’t familiar with the brand at all but Katy kindly send me a serum to try and I must say that it turned out to be one of the nicest serums I have tried lately.

NCN range comprises of multiple products, including cleansers, toners, serums, cleansing bars and other products that address the multitude of skin problems for women of all ages. The serum that I am eager to tell you about is called Multi-active peptide Matrixyl Serum 25%


The serum itself is white in colour and feels like a feather-weight version of regular serum you already might have on your bathroom shelf. It has a very light fragrance and initially I was a little sceptical but intrigued that you can use it not just on your face but also on your neck, chest and even eye-lids. The serum also contains an ingredient that is very new to me, called Matrixyl ( Palmitoyl pentapeptide ) and in actual fact this serum is made up of a combination of Matrixyl, Matrixyl 3000 ( Palmitoyl terapeptide which inhibits & helps reverse glycation damage)

and Matrixyl Synthe
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New supplements from ‘old favourites’ Organic Burst & Rejuvenated

While I keep on hearing the word detox from a few of my girlfriends as a starting point of their new year resolutions, the idea of a full-blown detox is wrong at this time of the year, when our bodies crave comfort and hibernation. Instead I choose to drink water with lemon & honey every morning, dry skin brush, upping my fluid intake and re-vamping my exercise regime. With it I take my daily supplements, which provide me with nutrition that might be lacking from my daily food intake. Bee prepared from UnBeelivable, a few Terranova & Organic Burst supplements, as well as Organic Pharmacy tinctures help me feel healthier and more energised on a daily basis.


Recently Organic Burst added Chlorella to their existing range of supplements and I can highly recommend taking it now, when the skies are grey and one wants to possibly go for a nap rather than an exercise class. What’s special about Chlorella ? It is a microalgae that contains the highest amount of chlorophyll per gram than any other plant on Earth, hence it will support your body’s vitality and wellbeing. OB Chlorella is grown by organic farmers high on the Mongolian plateau, using the mineral rich spring water and it contains Vitamins D & K, as well as selenium, folic acid, iodine ( great for those who have under-active thyroid ) and Vitamin B12 which is beneficial for our nervous system. We all lack sunshine at this time of the year ( when I was visiting Finland recently I saw no sunshine in four days I was there ) and our bodies get depleted of Vitamin D which is essential for our immunity and mood function – in Finland you are actually prescribed Vitamin D to be taken daily. In addition Chlorella is good for your digestive tract, your skin, hair and nails.


Another benefit is that OB offers Chlorella in either powdered form, if you prefer adding it to your daily juice or smoothie or in a tablet form, if you just want to pop some in your mouth ( the maintenance dose is four tablets a day or you can take eight of them as a booster, alongside a glass of water ). It is also handy for when you travel for business or go on a holiday but still want to keep some of your healthy habits. I now mix Chlorella with Wheatgrass when I make green juices ( or if you are pressed for time you can mix it in with an Innocent smoothies or juices, I like combining it with their kiwi, apples and limes juice ) and while I am not going to make any astounding claims, I can certainly say that since adding

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Collagen shots and Q&A with Rejuvenate founder, Kathryn Danzey

In a way our mothers and grandmothers lived a better life than we do-they might have had more hardships and inequality, there was definitely less choice and opportunities for them to express themselves, but theirs was a slower pace and less expectations were placed on them in terms of how they looked. They didn’t have a variety of beauty products, tools and supplements that we have, but was it one of the reasons why many of them had more style and flair than women of today?

There is so much choice available to us now-at work, at home, in our personal lives, but with it comes an overwhelming amount of opportunities and hence more responsibility and time restrictions. Let’s take the example of beauty supplements-new ones are getting launched all the time, but which ones do we really need to use, which ones will make us feel and look better-even with my interest in all things beauty related, I often find the variety confusing. I am also cautious not to bombard my body with too many supplements and vitamins, which can cumulatively actually cause harm.

So what to do to make the right, informed choice? One tried and tested suggestion is this-look at your girlfriends or women that you truly admire and find out what they do lifestyle wise, learn form the experts and try things out for yourself to see what makes a difference to you, as you are unique.

Recently one of my friends have been positively glowing-no, she isn’t a happy newly-wed or a new mother. She is slightly older than I am, is happily married and one of her children has already flown the nest. In addition, she is starting a very exciting business of her own and as many of us know from experience, it requires a lot of time, effort, dedication, hard work and many late nights. Yet with all of the above responsibilities and commitments she glows and her skin feels so soft to the touch, it’s as if she turned back the time and got the softness of the skin that only babies have. So I asked her…..-‘Collagen shots’ was the reply. Shots? No, not the doctor’s type of shots, you buy Collagen shots in powder form and one pack contains a 30 day supply. A few days after the initial conversation with my friend, my curiosity got the better of me, I bought a Rejuvenate pack of Collagen shots and started testing the supplement on myself.


 My skin is generally quite soft ( thank you genetics ! ) but I tend to get dry skin on my elbows and feet, so unless I apply moisturiser to those parts of my body religiously, they will feel slightly dry to the touch. Within three weeks I have noticed that my skin felt softer everywhere, it really did.  I finished the pack of Collagen shots and decided to stop and try another supplement from another brand that is good for skin, hair and nails. Well, I can honestly say that by the time my next pedicure appointment was due, three weeks later, my heels felt really dry-not Sahara dry, but dry to the point that I knew that Collagen shots do make a difference and deliver exactly what they claim on their packaging-improve skin elasticity and softness, as well as reduce fine lines and wrinkles ( ‘clinical trials have shown that drinking 10g of collagen per day gives an average 41% reduction in lines and 91% increase in hydration ‘, source: Rejuvenate Ltd ). No gimmicks, no false hopes, but truly soft skin all over. Have I noticed that my wrinkles have gotten more even ? I honestly can’s say just yet, as my frown lines look the same to me when I look in the mirror, but hey, I was born frowning, so can’t expect an instantaneous miracle, however I started on my second pack of Collagen shots two days ago. It has an Acai berry flavour ( fruity and pleasant-ok, you might need a day or two to get used to the taste, but I do really like it ), I do drink a large glass of water mixing collagen shot into it before going to bed ( make sure that you follow the instructions on the pack-very easy and straightforward, if you take the time to actually read the instructions and not skim through them, like your truly! The first time I did it, I just put the powder in the glass, pored the water over and was destructed by something-by the time I came back I had a big lump of powder in the glass that refused to dissolve ) and I do like how my skin looks and feels, even if I forget to moisturise when I dash out of the shower and get on with whatever I have in store on the day.   


 Q & As about Collagen Shots with Rejuvenate founder, Kathryn Danzey:

GAP: Can you tell me a little about your professional background and how did you come up with the idea to develop Collagen shots?

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