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In-conversation with Tata Harper: on beauty, balance & motherhood

In the last couple of weeks Tata has been on the tour of Europe, presenting new product launches and catching up with retailers and her customers ( more of which later ). Her schedule has been relentless, yet she looked glowing when we met in London last week, as she was finishing her tour and planning to fly back home with her husband. Tata has such even, glowing skin, one needs to be very confident to take Instagram pictures with her and that is the testament to her skincare products ( only last weekend she was mentioned in Stella’s ’20 Cult Beauty Brands You’ve never heard Of’ but having met Tata a couple of years ago at Content I can testify that her skincare works on women from their 20 years upwards of 60 + – not a lot of skincare brands can truthfully say that is the case ).


Recently Tata launched two new cleansers ( Nourishing Oil Cleanser & Purifying Cleanser ) in the US and they are expected to reach British shores in January, so don’t spend all of your money in the run up to Christmas .) Unfortunately many women still lack the understanding that without properly cleansing their faces twice a day even the best skincare in the world isn’t going to solve their problems or slow-down the signs of ageing. That is why Tata is so passionate about the power of cleansing ritual, particularly at the end of the day, when you can lock yourself in the bathroom and thanks to her new cleansers pamper your senses and your skin.



Nourishing Oil Cleanser: it has a luxurious texture but is in no way greasy, so don’t be nervous. It will remove the make-up, even heavy one, while nurturing your skin and with the colour of liquid honey it is very pretty to look at as you apply it to your face. It contains Beta-Carotene, Vitamins A, C, E, Lycoprene and Omega 3. This combination of ingredients will soften and purify the skin, as well as improve your skin’s texture with regular use and soften the skin, making it ideal for dry or de-hydrated skin. As this cleanser is an oil and oil pulls oil, after use excess sebum will be washed off and it will help normalise the process of cell turnover leading to even, healthy, beautiful skin that we all desire, irrespective of our age.

There is a lot of research into accelerated ageing due to the depletion of ozone layer and negative impact of free radicals

According to Tata’s cleansing protocol, here is the best way to use both of the cleansers ( they are ideal for evening use, when you skin needs a thorough cleanse after you have been out and about and gathered dirt and pollution on its surface ).


  • First, lightly wet the hands and pump a few pumps of the Nourishing Oil Cleanser into the palms. Smooth over your face so it’s completely covered and let it sit for a few seconds.
  • Splash a bit of water on the skin ( make sure it is luke-warm not hot or cold ) and begin a brief facial massage: really massage the oil into the skin in circular motions, focusing on the area around the nose, the cheeks, chin and forehead. This boosts micro-circulation, which flushes fresh blood and oxygen into the skin to give it a healthy glow.
  • Rinse thoroughly.


While the skin is still damp, apply a few pumps of the Purifying Cleanser to the whole face (and experience that incredibly zesty, wake-you-up scent!).

  • Massage lightly, to activate the enzymes and essential oils and to allow the product to really penetrate the skin. Make sure you avoid the eye area.
  • Rise thoroughly, and viola! Skin will be clean and tingling, soft to the touch and totally makeup free.

Purifying Cleanser has a creamy texture and was developed to detoxify the skin and help counteract the negative environmental factors that effect your skin daily and lead to premature ageing. It will help to get read of the dead skin cells and clear pores of excess oil. Tata created a powerful cocktail of soap-free purifying sugars, broccoli extract and fruit enzymes. It has a sort of minty smell and when you pat your skin dry after using it, you will feel a slightly cool sensation that is incredibly pleasant. With the use of those two cleansers, as well as regular exfoliation ( depending on your skin type ) your skincare products will penetrate better, making them more effective and helping to slow down the affect of time on your skin.

Engage with the customers!

Both formulas took about a year and a half to perfect from the moment of conception but Tata also says that while she loves the formulating & creative process, she also thoroughly enjoys meeting her customers and finding out what they think of the products, listening to their skin concerns and requests for new products. Those discussions often determine the process of next product development. At the same time Tata never rushes and takes time to develop the products until she is completely satisfied with what it does for the skin.

Another new addition to Tata Harper skincare range is the Moisturising Mask and when you smell it, you will be torn between slathering you face and neck in it or resisting the temptation to lick it – it truly smells as good as the dessert counter in Angelina in Paris.


This mask contains a proprietary MoistureMolecule Complex which will infuse your skin with bio-compatible Hyaluronic Acid to promote deep hydration. This treatment mask helps to protect skin from moisture loss ( by helping the water to circulate evenly within your skin matrix ) and adds beautiful luminosity to your skin within minutes – as it is a leave-on, overnight treatment, imagine its effect that is accelerated by skin’s renewal process during night-time, when you sleep.

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August beauty product ‘trials’

When I go on a summer holiday with a family, I try to cram as many beauty products into the suitcase as I can-some of them belong to my ‘beauty musts’, without which I refuse to travel, and some products travel with me because I want to try them out.

I already have written about Vivesana sun protection creams (for both face & body) that get my definite thumbs up, both for adults and for kids, earlier this month:

BlissFat Girl Six Pack’- luckily for me, it went on sale a few weeks before my summer holiday, so I started ‘testing’ it a couple of weeks prior to my departure from London.


This gel is aimed at helping you tone your mid-section (don’t forget that no cream will solve your problems unless it becomes part of a conscious regime including a sensible diet & regular exercise-don’t expect miracles to happen if you sit on the couch and like me at times, plead the lack of time for deserting your fitness regimen). It comes with very precise massage instructions, which need to be followed with the ‘help’ of the nubbed built-in applicator on top of the bottle. Initially the massage with the applicator made my tummy section look a bit red and boy, oh boy, do you feel the massaging action somewhere deep inside, where your tummy muscles hide behind the layer of fat, which women are prone to accumulate in our mid-section due to hormone fluctuations, pregnancies and eating too much of foods like sweets, bread and pasta. I did it once a day, in the evening, during my beauty night-time routine and truth be told, it does help with toning your muscles and making your abs exercise routine more effective.  

Alba Botanica Sugar Cane Body Polish: a friend of mine got me some of this organic brand’s products in her local health store in Kent & I have to say, they not only smell good, but offer pretty good results too. In order for our skin to regenerate effectively, you need to use a body scrub once or twice a week, to get read of the dead skin cells and allow your skin to effectively absorb body products. This grainy scrub contains Honey (a great antiseptic) & Macadamia Nut, which offer a gentle, yet effective exfoliation, as well as moisturising and soothing your skin, so it will be beach ready in summer and better nourished in colder months.

Lavera All-Round Cream (basis sensitive product line that works on all skin types): I got my hands on the can of this delicious smelling cream during the

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‘Amazing Grass’-part three on summer supplements

Personally, I don’t believe in dieting or depriving myself of the things that I like to eat (yes, I am a foodie), but I certainly subscribe to the line of thinking that from time to time our body needs a boost or some supplements that would help our digestive tract to have a little bit of a break from the foods like meat, milk, bread, sweets etc that we all consume.

I am aware that at times the types of food that I eat make my gut work quite hard at times and that’s why when I heard of an organic American meal supplement called Amazing Meal ( from a company called Amazing Grass ) I thought I might give it a go. I don’t like eating vegetables in general-don’t ask me why, I really don’t know why from around the age of three I went from loving the greens that my mother, grandmothers or aunt cooked, to completely refusing to eat most of them, so in theory my body must be missing many of vital nutrients that vegetables provide, so the fact that Amazing Meal contains a potent blend of organic protein, green, fruits & veggies made me think that the worst thing that can happen, is that I don’t like it. I also trust the judgment of people who recommended it to me (thank you as always to the wonderful team working at Content Beauty/Well-being store!


Amazing meal is available in three flavours-the Original one, -the Pomegranate/Mango infusion and –the Chocolate infusion. Each sachet contains 10g of protein, 6 g of fibre and is 100% plant based (it is also raw, gluten free, suitable for vegans and cold processed).

You can certainly stick to replacing your lunch or breakfast with one sachet of the above, but I lack the willpower to do just that and generally have it together with a small bowl of muesli or a piece of fruit, to make me feel fuller. Each sachet can be mixed with water, coconut water or rice, oat or soy milk as cow’s milk is quite hard to digest for adults in general-try different variations to see which one you prefer, I certainly like to make mine with either coconut water or rice milk, as it makes me feel energetic and light for a few hours.

Initially I tried to resist the chocolate version, but when I tried it, I realised that my inhibitions were preconceived and if anything, it gives me a healthy buzz if I take it as a mid-afternoon snack in liquid form-it certainly makes me feel more energetic and alive for all the right reasons without resorting to eating half a bar of dark chocolate.

When it comes to the actual

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A beautiful treat for your hands from Ambre Botanicals

Our faces are important to us, that’s why we lavish tender loving care on them-moisturisers, exfoliators, mask, serums, facials-the list goes on and on. But often it’s not just our faces that can give away our age, but our hands, which we use endlessly daily without giving it a second thought.

Ambre Botanicals, a fairly young organic British brand that is already developing quite a following ( Content Beauty & Well-being team has told me that they already had to restock a few of the products from the brand due to their popularity ) uses highly concentrated formulations that don’t contain water or any nasty chemicals, making one of their star products, the hand cream, a very pure & natural treat indeed.


I have many hand creams dotted around my home-by my bed, by the bathroom sink, by the kitchen sink, as I often wash the dishes without wearing rubber gloves ( which can protect both the skin and the nails ) but most of the time I just forget to use them.

A couple of weeks ago I received a beautiful glass jar from Ambre Botanicals, which contains their best-selling

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Pai facial at Content Beauty/Wellbeing store

There is a plethora of facials and many of them resemble each other, the difference generally lies in the therapist, their skill and technique. Until now I haven’t had organic facials, or any treatment at Content beauty/wellbeing store for that matter, so I was really looking forward to an organic Pai facial.

Pai skincare uses pure, plant based ingredients and was originally developed with sensitive andIMG_0317 sensetised skin in mind. I have used Pai’s ‘Camellia & Rose gentle hydrating cleanser’ for a couple of months now and love the effect it has on my skin. It smells very subtly of rose and contains camellia, sweet almond, rose, geranium, lavender, may chang & sustainable palm oils, coconut derived emulsifier-which doesn’t strip the skin, unlike many other cleansers which contain harsher, chemical ingredients and natural vitamin E ( which is great for nourishing your skin ) and comes with the exfoliating muslin cloth-personally I prefer to use this rather than the growing in popularity Clarisonic brush-call me old-fashioned, but often something ‘old’ works better than something ‘new’. I also find that this cleanser is gentle enough to remove your make-up and greatly compliments

Pai’s ‘Echium
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