Organic Beauty Week

I don’t know if it is intentional or not, but London’s Fashion Week is coinciding with Organic Beauty Week this week and I thought I would share my own insight into organic beauty and put forward some of my favourite skincare products and rituals for your consideration ( a separate post on my favourite September products is to follow later this week ).


My own journey of switching from mainstream cosmetics to natural and organic ones was inadvertently started in my childhood, when I used fresh fruit and vegetables from my parent’s country house garden to design my own face masks and raided honey jars to apply to it to my lips. When my kids arrived the subject of what to put on their skin, in order to nurture it gently, became even more pressing and then my own experiments followed.

Organic means commitment to the whole production process, from start to finish, whether it concerns your food or skincare. It helps to look for the Soil Association Logo on the products that you buy because it guarantees that you buy a truly organic product ( as certification is expensive for small, niche brands in particular, not all natural and organic brands are certified, so please don’t worry if you don’t see a logo – just talk to brands and learn more about ingredients and production process – we all learn through dialogue ) and not the one pushed on you by clever marketing, plus by brands keen to jump on the organic bandwagon, without actually switching her whole production practises around.


Now, several years down the road my bathroom is predominantly filled with natural and organic brands that smell beautiful and truly nurture my skin. I know many beauty brand founders and am lucky to learn from them and believe me, their knowledge is not only vast but fascinating – they won’t bombard you by the facts that you don’t understand. I can see the difference in my skin and while I still use some mainstream products, I can now smell the difference with my eye closed. Choosing organic is much more than being good to the planet. It is about engaging with the whole community of people who work with the planet and its seasonal cycles, using nature as a guide.


Life is stressful enough already but choosing to use organic skin and haircare, as well as the products you use to clean your home is bound to make a difference to how you look and feel. It doesn’t have to be about a major overhaul, it’s about making the first step towards choosing food, skincare and products that is right for YOU. Not everything that is called organic is, so do take the time to read the labels and shop online or in-store at retailers that would happily educate you and give you facts that you can ponder, without it sounding confusing. One small step can lead to big changes that ultimately benefit you, so I hope that this week will give you plenty of food for thought – drop by Content in Marylebone, Wholefood Market or check out plenty of samples and offers on Naturissimo. Have a look at the information on the Soil Association website and remember, skin is your biggest organ, so what you put on it is much more than skin deep – it does have an impact on your long-term health!

Content hosted event with RMS Beauty founder, Rose-Marie Swift

RMS Beauty is a line of organic make-up products ( plus multi-tasking cleanser & beauty oil ) that was created by a celebrity make-up artist Rose-Marie Swift. It is based on organic and clean living principles and the products are formulated with raw, unrefined, organic ingredients. I have been using this line of beauty products for a couple of years now and my love affair with the brand started with RMS beauty raw coconut cream that is one of those incredible multi-taskers-a great cleanser that nurtures your skin and is full of antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties, as well as offering protection to your skin from free radicals, which can accelerate the ageing process.

Luckily for me, I was invited to attend the event that my favorite organic read more